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Churbles, Grammatical Bomb: Phonics Part 2.

Time for the fifth installment in the series nobody reads about my generation's grammar, and part two of the ongoing series about how English itself is stupid. Previously I talked about Ph and Gh, Gh twice, I before E and the -ctly that's found in many words. Now for new material.

Let's start with two things about the letter W. 1, one. Yes, one. Notice the lack of a W, and how it's sound remains. Why this isn't pronounced like "own" I cannot fathom. 2, to be summed up, the word "bow"; Bow, like the one on your head, or bow, like you do in the presence of royalty: same word, two definitions, two ways two pronounce. ...Why?

"Oo": let's see here, food, coop... Blood? Flood? Why aren't those "U"s? Blud. But let's keep double O because nothing else says "oo" as in coop, or... soup? ...Um... yeah. I say ditch double O all together. And speaking of ditching letters: C and X, two of the most useless letters ever. C is just K, or S in circumstances that don't always match up (soccer, arcing), And X is just KS or Z, I'm just peeved.

And finally the contraction "won't". Why? Think about it: Won't is "will not"... where did they get the O from? the not? Why isn't it "Win't", or "Willn't" for that matter? Why no just use Shan't? It's the same, but grammatically correct. Why?!

I hope to think up a part three sometime, might not be next, but who knows? I'm hoping to make an impact, but I know you'll have to see the site, see my post, read my post then take it to heart, so please, spread the word.


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