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Thanks for bearing with us over these several months that we have been working on this Kommunity Kollaboration! The project has come a long way and grown successfully, I have enjoyed watching each of your contributed scenes, appreciating the Kreativity you have each incorporated! We are now in the home stretch for finishing this project, and our most recent goal had been set for a release on christmas. The editors and I have decided to release the final movie in 2 parts. We are currently dealing with some technical difficulties in uploading part , but it is complete! There is no projected release date for it currently, but it will be uploaded as soon as we figure out how to get through the technical problems we are facing. Release date for part 2 will be determined by your participation! Scenes 11 and 12 are still need of someone to film! So if you are interested, please comment on this discussion! But if you are not able to film, you can still participate in this KBE by sharing this discussion with others on the kommunity. There may be a mythical virtual prize to the beast who shares the link to this discussion with the most people here on the komm. Please help us finish this project! Thank you for your participation -Rachel (nezulupantro)

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