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2012...a year of my life written by two internetainers.
As I look back on the year, I can hardly believe that it was only in may, 7 short months ago that I reconnected with rhett and Link as a mythical beast. It was in 2009 that I first happened across the guys on YouTube when I discovered the fast food folk song while researching for a project. I could look at the gap between then and now in which i took a break from watching their videos as lost years, but can hardly look at it that way for long because in 2012 I have created a lasting impression of my existence through kommitting myself as a mythical beast by becoming an active member of the kommunity, viewer on YouTube, and fangirl.

-July 13, 2012
Karrie and I entered the "Thoughtful Guy" cover contest. We wrote all of our own lyrics, and while we didn't win, we did receive a comment on our video from link! Good enough for us :)

-August 27, 2012
My GMM cockatrice Tee arrived in the mail!!
Karrie and I then filmed a sketch about receiving our tees which was then featured on the komm and also gained a comment from link!

-September 7, 2012
"High School Teacher Builds a Rocket!- Gutless Wonders Part 4"
I appeared with Karrie in the GMM episode's introduction.

(watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MKnerzYg4E&list=PL96EFA802DBFF...)

-September 14, 2012
I opened up the "Kommunity Kollaboration" discussion to organize the production of "Gutless Wonders the Movie" which is featured on the kommunity.
Karrie and I also filmed our own scene for the movie, scene 3.

-September 27, 2012
"iPhone of the Future"
Rhett and Link opened my mail on this "Thursday Means Mail" Episode and played my game of Jeopardy with Jason. A digital version of the game was also uploaded to kommunity by the guys.

(watch here: http://youtu.be/nqXQcDSkb-s?t=4m19s)

-September 28, 2012
I was accepted as a SuperSquad member and worked through october to time and review notes for supernote 2012.
I also entered my own note, coming in at around 27 seconds long (I think) :P

-Within 2012, I have had 5 of my photos featured on the front page of the kommunity as well.

'Twas the year of the Beast...and I can only wonder what 2013 might have in store for us!
I am looking forward to the main channel videos that Rhett and Link will continue to create and share with us! And I am also anticipating the return of GMM season 3. Each season has grown in its mythicality and I can only imagine what we will see in the next coming months.

Signing out for the year,
Rachel (Nezulupantro)

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