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I entered the virtual reality known as the Kommunity (or Komm for short) yesterday morning. Since then, I've been given a shortened name (IM) and a bunch of "hello"s. I enjoyed the talents of the mythical beasts, such as pictures by Lauren (Herbivore the Cannibal), and photos and other stuff. It is very fun looking at all this art. 

Today I helped some friends from church move into a new house! These guys are awesome. They gave me doughnuts. I couldn't make it to the part where they load up the vehicles to move into the new house because I got lost. Now I know the area very well. Anyway, I was the last person to get there. My pastor, assistant pastor, fellow church goers, and friend's family were all there. Later on, we played Frisbee golf in the snow.

I'm experimenting with the blog posts. I don't know if I'll use it as a diary or... I don't know. I could write short stories pertaining to Rhett and Link mythology.

Or I can just write short stories in general. 

Or I can write poems.

Or write songs.

What do you guys think?

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