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Mine is Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader because he,I think,is the most complicated character in the series.

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Darth Vader - the ultimate sith lord and galactic badass - enough said!!! :)

Yoda - Short but wise, small but violent!

i like qui-gon he cool and has cool hair and is wise and would have beaten darth maul had ha been prepared

Over confidence aka arrogance is a weakness shared between Jedi Knights and Sith Lords.

they are JEDI. they can be damn confident if they want to lol

Another reason I like Fett, he premeditates everything BEFORE he does it. Not after he has a light saber through his heart (seeing how it's not to helpful to think about something your going to do after you've done it).

you also forget has so much knowledge of the force he discovered something that i believe Yoda didn't even,  the secret to eternal life

Boba Fett. Why? Cuz he's a clone of the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, he survived the Sarlacc Twice, he had a chance to kill Darth Vader and let he live, he's got wrist rockets, he has binoculars and night vision goggles in his helmet AND he has a jail in his ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great argument. No wonder most Star Wars fans love the Fett - YEAH!!! :)

Han Solo- He's a witty, handy, and gorgeous!

I'm just glad no one has said Luke he sucks like a vacuum cleaner.

Admiral Ackbar. Because...


Also, the rebels wouldn't of won without the Mon Calamari forces, and you know who convinced the Mon Calamaris? Good ol' Mr. Ackbar.


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