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Post all of your MythiCon 2016

pics & videos here for others to enjoy!

Once compiled I will post up a compilation

poster similar to these from previous years:

MythiCon 2015  / MythiCon 2014


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Thanks to our local host Trey Clanton for all the planning and great results for the first ever in Dallas. I grabbed a few shots but know he has much more coming over the next few days.

Mythical cupcakes courtesy of guest Mythical ???

(sorry I forgot the name but do remember how tasty these were)

heres a good mythical fail lolz

Daxson is editing the other video where we did the "spin the wheel of mythicallity" ill share that when hes done 

also heres a picture of Riley from when we wondered around books a million and a  mythical morning selfie i took before the event lolz ( to show off my ears becuase my mythical beast is part Neko)

102 degrees Fahrenheit  

Had So Much Fun!!! I went to the Raleigh-Durham Mythicon in North Carolina!! It was a lot of fun!! I only got a few pics because my memory ran out on my phone!! :( We had so much fun!! In the end we just sat there singing Rhett&Link songs in the park while people passed us giving us the "y'all are crazy" look!! :):):):):)
And thank you so much to the wonderful lady that hosted!! And her very mythical daughter!!!

Thank you! So glad you could come.

We were doing that too!  It was so much fun singing "Rub Some Bacon On It" as people gave us funny looks :D

Here is some video and pics from Mythicon Cary, NC




I had so much fun!! Thanks for hosting!!

MYTHICON 2016 ~ CARY (NC) videos of their Spin The Wheel and Mythical Handshake from the local gathering of beasts . . .

That looks amazing. I'm glad you all had fun! Maybe, they'll be one in my area next year that I could attend.

Here is first portion of the compilation poster from pics found so far . . . hopefully there are many more to come. 

Get your MythiCon in the poster now!!!  (click image to view full size)


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