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Location:       ??? to be determined

Address:        ??? to be determined - - Charleston, SC

Website:        ??? to be determined

Your Host:     Estée Harrell (Monetmom)

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Is Charleston a must, or can it be elsewhere in the state? I'm from up near Greenville.
Hi, I have tried all I can to invite people and find a co host. Would you like to take over? I was thinking you are right about Columbia, because there are so many beasts out that way that are actually active in the Kummuinty so, please take the co host position and invite all you can to the place of your picking. I am extremely busy getting ready for company from out of town.

FYI - - - last year there was some discussion and planning for a meeting at Waterfront Park in Charleston, but the host kind of went MIA and we never did hear if actually it happened.  Here is last year's page:


~ Gumbo123 - MythiCon Events Coordinator

yeah, im in Greenville too. so Charleston is a no :(

Do you know of anything in Columbia? That's in the center of the state, pretty central for anyone in SC to attend

Even though Columbia is central, it is a 2 hour drive from Charleston, so some here might think that is too far. I am the host for this group( which was nicely given to me)but if you would like to help me by being Co host that might work. I looked up Charleston Sc and there are 5 pages of beasts in my area. As for Greenville it was quite a bit more. I suggested to a girl up there that we could break up into groups. Charleston can host as example: Kiawah, Seabrook, Wadamalaw, Hollywood, Ravenel, Mount Pleasent, Summervile, and smaller areas near by.
Greenville can host Duncan and other places near by that I don't know the names of.
Myrtle Beach can host Little River and places near by.
I have lived here for 9 or so years but mom grew up in Sc and she has taken us to many parts of this lovely state.
I am familure with Columbia, and Greenvile. I drive through Greenville to see my brother in Atlanta Ga. Columbia is where we go each year for a religious convention.
I want to help all to enjoy this event, so do you want to Co host with me?

To be honest, I've never been a part of this, so I don't know how anything really works at all.  I'm up to learn/do anything, but like I said, not sure how anything about this totally works. Just let me know :)

I need to have all the Mythical Beasts in Sc to contact me the following information: your city, who is playing to go with you, in what size vehicle (in case we need to do a buddying system) are there children, if you want to pay to enter a venue or not, are there any special needs to address (like a wheelchair) and if food is going to be brought or bought. Also, please list how long you have been a beast. I would like to find someone with some experience to help and eventually take my place.
I would love to be there, but that day may change my life forever( long story, maybe one day I can share) and so I will not be able to attend. This doesn't mean I plan on letting everyone else miss out. I would hate that, so please ALL MYTHICAL BEASTS IN SC, please report to this message.
I also forgot to say, that I am waiting for all the people to respond to my invites. So based on answered by, let's say the 10th we will then decide which area is best to host. In other words if only 5 in Charleston answer and 10 or more answer in Greenville or Columbia, then the 5 will have to go up there. Make sence? So far 3 girls including your self are wanting to go.
Hopefully we can get more to go.
Casey Goodwin, would you help spread the word? Just look up your area and send invites. Thanks
I will definitely try to send out some invites!
Is this meetup decided yet? Cause I'm very confused and want to go to Mythicon, but I'm in South Carolina and don't want to go to the Georgia or North Carolina meet up since they're too far away. Any info on where we are meeting? Charleston would work well for me.


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