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Post here ONLY if you are interested in being a meeting site host in your area.

Once the state/region/country discussion pages are created, your contact info will be added there so other mythical beasts in the area will be able to correspond and assist in your planning efforts.

In the meantime, please refer to the following guides from last year's event for instructions, ideas and things to consider . . .



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Heyo! Anyone volunteer for New York/New Jersey metro area yet?

NOPE - - been waiting for you! 

I sent invites to both you and Anita (Caladrius) today, along with other regional hosts from last year that I hadn't heard from yet.  With your consent, I can create the page and hold the site as TBD until you decide on a meeting location.

Anyone want to meet up in Wisconsin?

If you are volunteering to host, I will set up your state discussion page

So I didn't see anyone doing this for Phoenix, Az. I will host it this year and it will be MYTHICAL!!!! Or LEGENDARY!!!!

I think a movie set up would be great and then we can watch Rhett and Link videos and sing the songs. I even have a great idea for party favors that no one else will have! Can't wait to get started!!!

Hi Gumbo,  thanks for creating the Singapore page. I might add that the Shiro and Kay are going to be busy and i don't think they are are able to co host it this time. I will update you once again when it is going to plan. I have also changed my display name and i'm sorry to bother you to update the name on the page. Thanks!

Okay - - update made.  

I also added a link on the MythiCon-SG page to your  Singapore Mythical Beasts! 

Facebook group - - - it's exciting to see that has already grown to 35 members.  Looking forward to see the turnout you get this time around after talking about and promoting your local MythiCon for over a year.

Thanks again! I'm looking forward to it as well!

Here is the info for MythiCon 2015 Arizona.

My email MLG011776@yahoo.com

Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/MythiconArizona2015?ref=hl

 location unless changed: Studio Movie Grill 15515 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

I see nothing for TEXAS yet.  Texas--big state.  I'm in College Station/Bryan and that's pretty central to our big cities.  Dallas/FW is 3 hrs away, Austin is just under 2 hrs, Houston is 1.5 hrs, and San Antonio is a little over 4.  I'd HAPPILY drive that far is someone wants to host in a bigger city, but if not this is a pretty central place and I'll host........somewhere.


Don't know if you got my first message so here I go again. I'm willing to host a Mythicon at the Portland Head Lighthouse and Museum, 1000 Shore Rd, Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107 Rhett and Link were there for the "Maine Man" video and I think it's only fitting to have it there, picnic tables and everything abound for a perfect Mythicon!!!


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