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Post here ONLY if you are interested in being a meeting site host in your area.

Once the state/region/country discussion pages are created, your contact info will be added there so other mythical beasts in the area will be able to correspond and assist in your planning efforts.

In the meantime, please refer to the following guides from last year's event for instructions, ideas and things to consider . . .



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Hey Gumbo, I'll go ahead and step forward to plan a DC Mythicon again. I think the same place as last year will work:

Eat at National Place food court (at Freedom Plaza), 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004

Acknowledged!  a D.C. discussion page should be up later tonight. 

Might you have a local (i.e. - formerly foreign) co-host available by that time?

Hard to say at this point...the latest point he has to get here is mid-August or so, but the hope is that everything will be settled before that!

I wont be attending ACC this year because i know it wasnt the best meet up location last year, i created the event page already for Jacksonville,Florida and set up  a poll to help decide on this years location and activities
ideas so far would be one of our main libraries where we can watch GMM in the meeting room, the beach or park for a picnic or the mall and since its so far away we're open to more awesome ideas :)

Acknowledged!  a Florida discussion page should be up later tonight

I'd love to host again in Alabama this year! I do think the same place as last year will work as a good spot. Most of our mythical beasts are closer to that area. 


Anyone claim Mall of America in Minnesota yet? Would love to host it there, unless last year's host leader would like to. If Mystic Fluttershy (or whatever her name was, I forgot :c) wants to host it there, I would love to go.
MOA Address: 60 East Broadway, Bloomington, MN

 Again, last year's host leader has first dibs if she wants to host it. C:


Any updates on this? I'm located in Wisconsin but wouldn't mind a Mythical Roadtrip to Mall of America!

Lawrfbeast - - - each state that has a confirmed host and meeting place has a designated discussion and event planning thread included in this group . . . the specific one you seek for the Mall of America meeting is:

 Once on the USA discussion listings page, just use the search tool

to find the thread for the meeting in your state / region.



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