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So I don't see a host for Mythicon 2015 for Michigan and a lot of people I know would go but are under 18 so i don't think they - or I - can host.

Can anyone help or host for Michigan? This is something I would die for! Please help if you are able! I really appreciate it!

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I'm 20, I would co-host with someone! We definitely need one in michigan.

I would really like a mythic on in Michigan too! I'm not able to host though, sadly.

Note to all Michiganders  (both the Yoopers and the Trolls) - - -

Last year there was much effort to establish one or even two MythiCon events in the Wolverine State, but to no avail since none of the interested parties would step up to the hosing position. 

As the MythiCon coordinator, might I suggest that you talk amongst yourselves, pick a leader, pick a spot and GET 'ER DONE!  This stuff isn't rocket science . . . if a 13 year old girl can come up with the idea for the whole thing, surely one of you can coordinate a little mythical lunch and get together at the mall someplace, right?

Here are the links to last year's efforts:

And here is some information that you can check out, including host help threads for ideas, and maybe contact a couple of those MBs who hosted an event last year to assist in your planning:

When / If one of you picks up the banner and decides to host, please post a note directly on my wall and I will gladly create an "official" event discussion page for you guys.

How old do you have to be to host it?

I would gladly do it, I just dont know for sure yet if i'll be able to get that day off work. I'll keep you updated on that unless someone else decides to host. 

from what I read, I don't think it matters how old you are, just if you can get to the location and be responsible for getting it together :)

Hi guys! I am very looking forward to hosting a Mythicon here in Michigan. I would, however, like to recruit you guys to help me plan and implement this. I was thinking Red Robin in Southgate. I was wondering what you guys were thinking. Reply and let me know what you guys think!

I'd love to go, though I'll have to convince a sibling or parent to take me because I can't drive yet!  I'll get back to you soon and let you know if I can come or not.

That's 2 and a half hours from me, but if that works for everyone then I'll drive it :)


Well, that's what the Yoopers told me anyways.  Sorry!

I wouldn't be able to help set up, but the location would work for me.


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