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Hey guys i reallly want to do this, but the closest meeting is in DC and I know my parents wount want to drive me all the way out there so if someone that lives in virginia could be so kind as to starting a meeting of the beasts in my area that would be great.

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ik who will :D

My babysitter could do it 

@ Morgan & Abby - -

I see that you are both looking for a get together in Richmond, VA.  Most of the folks from that area will likely be traveling the short distance to the DC event, but I can create an "official" discussion page for Virginia - - - ONLY IF you can first confirm a host for the meeting.  Given your ages, please discuss this fully with your parents or older siblings to make sure they will assist you with the planning and transportation. 

Here is some information that you can check out, including host help threads for ideas to assist in your planning:


~ Gumbo123 - MythiCon event coordinator


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