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I had an audition today and that inspired me to create a discussion about them!

So, share any funny story, epic fail, epic success, or anything interesting about auditions.

Here's my story. It's not much, but it's a start for the discussion.

Once, at Solo and Ensemble (basically a practice audition), I had my mom as my piano accompianist. They had a keyboard there, but my mom's only ever played on a real piano...so she had some trouble. Also, it didn't help that the music fell off the piano midway through the piece. I didn't notice any of this, because I was focusing on my solo. It was funny to hear about afterwards, though. 

Shoo yea. Audition stories.

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I always hated Solo & Ensemble!  I had to go every year for piano and violin.  One year, my hands were shaking pretty badly the whole time I was playing, and I could hear the judges whispering about it.  It just made it worse.  I still got a blue ribbon though.  :)  Another year I got in serious trouble with my violin teacher because I signed up for Level 2 instead of Level 1, like he had told me to.  I didn't think I was good enough for Level 1 yet.  When I came out of the room with my high score, he was super excited thinking I was going to state.  He was super mad.  That was a scary man...good violin teacher...strict, scary guy.

I went a year or two later to watch my best friend play (drums).  We got in the parking lot, he opened his trunk, and oops!  Forgot his drums.  lol His parents were not happy.

Auditions... hmmm, well lets see, here's a story for you guys:

 So way back in elementary I was trying out for my first solo and it was a small piece in which I sang one line for some really cheesy little kid song, that's only cute when kids sing it.

Anyways, I'm waiting in line behind about 10 other people and I'm all like got to stay positive. Eventually there is only one person in front of me and I got really nervous because it was almost my turn. So this girl gets up and starts singing... And HER VOICE IS FREAKIN' AMAZING!

Like really good!

So I'm all like, mortified, thinking I'll never get it when, lo and behold, the girl passes out!

Yup, she passed out cold in the middle of a high note, probably from anxiety.

Needless to say, I got the solo, but it always felt kind of... I don't know, underhanded.

But yes, auditions are definitely never without surprises! :D


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