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Calling all Mythical Beasts! Jason released a video today about possibly becoming a host for DC All Access. The more his video is shared, the better his chances are of getting the gig. Here's the video which has the details:

Here's a copy of the tweet for those who are on twitter:

Farmboy #DCHostSearch http://youtu.be/rsrsqO_Lap4 Please RT this and help @Jawiin talk about his love of comics on #DCAllAccess

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Done it . . . liked and cast my vote both here on the Kommunity pages and his original YouTube upload.

There could be no more obvious or better qualified choice for #DCHostSearch than Mr. Jason William "Jawiin" Inman from the of Oz and super good guys.

P.S. - - - since I have never tweeted anything in my life, I have chosen to spread the news via Kommunity access by sending a message to the active members of the five (5) largest komm groups.


Once again it's time to activate the MB Commandos for the benefit of one of our very own.

Check out Jason Inman's latest video upload to his YouTube channel "Jawiin" and become a part in this mythical beast assist.              

There could be no more obvious or better qualified choice for #DCHostSearch than Mr. Jason William "Jawiin" Inman from the of Oz and super good guys.

#DCHostSearch - Jason Inman for DC All Access Host


Farmboy #DCHostSearch http://youtu.be/rsrsqO_Lap4 Please RT this and help @Jawiin talk about his love of comics on #DCAllAccess


We can make this happen!

It probably wouldn't hurt for those on Facebook to spread the word there as well. Facebook makes use of hashtags, so make sure to use them there as well. Also, don't forget to let the Facebook people know that they have to like the video on Youtube for it to count.

Jason is still in the running and actually co-hosted a recent DC All Access episode . . .

Go to the new #DCAllAccess Twitter page and post your support for Jason "JAWIIN" Inman for full time co-host on this gig of a lifetime!!!

hey guys, thank you for all the support! 

All i know at this point is that I will find out before Jan 1st! 

Still waiting on the 01-Jan-2015 announcement with anticipation, so I decided to check out the "top contenders" for the #DCHostSearch position, at least by view count on their YouTube submission entry. 

Below are the TOP TEN (10) entries in order of highest to lowest view count.

Jason is a solid #4 and (in my humble opinion) exhibits the knowledge, enthusiasm and on-air presence of all the others combined . . .  

  • The #1 guy was just plain boring to me . . . That is, unless DC is planning to release a new David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust -based comic series or reboot the whole "Man Who Fell To Earth" franchise.
  • The girl at #7 seems more like a stalker than a fan . . . not sure if I'd want her on payroll coming into the office every day if I were choosing someone to hire for this job.
  • And the I mean, seriously, why did the dude at #8 even bother? What a looser!

And so, without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you the TOP TEN entries:

#1 --- 7,267 views

#2 --- 4,537 views

#3 --- 4,292 views

#4 --- 3,919 views /em> BEST OF THE BUNCH!!!

#5 --- 2,979 views

#6 --- 2,194 views

#7 --- 2,045 views

#8 --- 1,964 views

#9 --- 1,552 views

#10 --- 1,342 views

Finally, as a true long shot, this guy just uploaded his entry ONE WEEK ago . . . about a month after the cutoff date for submissions . . . and the video has ONE (1) VIEW (including my click to grab the embed code) . . . here's keeping our fingers crossed!

Still waiting . . . come on already with the #DCHostSearch selection committee announcement 

Hey Beasts! 

Just wanted to let you know that there is news! 

And DC should make an announcement soon (within the next two weeks.)

All the people that entered have been sworn to secrecy about who it is, but I will say this. The host they picked is an excellent comic book fan, and they will be a great host.

Thank you all for supporting me beyond the walls of GMM!



Wicked good news! 

I believe that I follow what you're "not saying" there . . . SAY NO MORE!


The one sure thing which we all knew should and would eventually happen has been made official . . .

Published on Jan 26, 2015

It's been over three months since we announced we were looking for a new DC All Access co-host, and many of you have been wondering who it would be. Well, the wait is finally over! In this special clip, we find out just who will be hosting All Access with Tiffany when we return with all new episodes on February 3, 2015.

Published on Jan 30, 2015

Jason makes it doubly official with another announcement and thanks to the fans and friends on his own JAWIIN channel, starting @ 4:30 . . .

Published on Feb 3, 2015

New season. New co-host. Same awesome access!

Yes, DC All Access is back, as Tiffany Smith is joined by our new co-host Jason Inman to bring you all the latest from DC Entertainment.


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