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Jason is doing amazing things again! He's co-hosting DC All Access 2016!! Yay! 

Also, he and Ashley V Robinson regularly post videos on the "Jawiin" YouTube channel so if you want to keep up with what he's talking about, go check it out! Especially if you love comic books or comic book characters, DC & Marvel (and probably more) characters in movies, unboxing and opening gifts and collectibles, live streams, comic character movie trailers, Geek History Lessons on characters, and sketches! :) 

Both of them are also on Periscope and semi-regularly live stream unboxing events or coloring of comic character sessions, or whatever else they love to show you! And they're both on Twitter under Jawiin and AshleyVRobinson, and post regularly and on Facebook - Jason and Ashley. :)

*I'm not advertising for them directly. I'm simply sharing this information freely because I've spent some time watching his videos and seeing his work and I simply sharing this with anyone who wants to keep up with what Jason's doing. Thanks! 

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That's awesome! Looks like this will be a busy year for Jason!

YES, in fact Jason has been a regular recurring host on the DC All Access channel ever since he won the contest for the co-host position in 2014 - - first appearance on the show as a host was Dec-2014 and the official announcement was made in January 2015 . . . 

reference:  #DCHostSearch!

and don't forget about Jason & Ashley's collaboration on THE RED SHIRT DIARIES . . .

I wonder if Season 3 is already in the works????


RED SHIRT DIARIES (S-1) - - the J.I.A. viewing room

RED SHIRT DIARIES (S-2) - - the J.I.A. viewing room

I never saw the actual introduction video of him before! That's awesome! I didn't know he was from Kansas too! Thanks, Gumbo! Seems like he was made for the spot! :) 

Thanks for sharing this! I didn't know that he was doing so much amazing stuff ;o

Published today, Jason interviewed the cast of the Fox show, "Gotham," for DC Entertainment!!! (I love Gotham and Season 3 is coming this fall!) https://youtu.be/wY7MhXYJvvs


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