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Introducing… The Mythical Mail Museum!

SEASON 8 ~ Thursdays Means Mail!

(items in RED were shown but not inducted to the MMM)

Episode 4 (GMMore #735) Welcome to the Mythical Mail Museum! 

     - - a real lucky green horseshoe for a unicorn race pony (from Naomi / Tampa, FL)

Episode 9 (GMMore #740) Jen is a Puny Spore Mcgee

     - - a "swirl rock"  (possibly a shell) found on the Blue Lagoon Island (from Amy / Michigan)

     - - The Insultinator book / calendar (from Kaye Kropp / ??? )

get one of your own at:  http://www.insultinator.com/

Episode 14 (GMMore #745) Go Buies Creek Demons! 

     - - her first eye glasses from age 5 {now 22 w/ contacts}  (from Brittany Grooms / Arkansas)

     - - five cheerleading hair bow keychains (from Drew / Illinois)

     - - Belvedere the Cockatrice duct tape sculpture (from Gretchen Leffler / Arlington, TX)Episode 19 Episode 19 (GMMore #750) How'd Jen Get A Black Eye?

     - - chipmunk w/ rigor mortis taxidermy (from Lydia / New York)

     - - hand stitched & stuffed Picaso-style soft sculpture / pillow (from John / Massachussets)

     - - hand delivered bronze mini-moose (from Pam Matichuk / Canada)

Episode 24 (GMMore #755) Is Rhett Shorter Than Lisa Leslie?  

     - - her first homerun baseball (from Mylei S. / San Francisco, CA)

     - - traditional clothing (sarong), porcelain egg & other crafts (from Hanar/ Brunei)

Episode 29 (GMMore #760) We Play 'Cards Against Mythicality'

     - - Holly, her very first china doll / Christmas tree ornament (from Mythical Beast B.J. / America)

     - - GMM Card Game [instructions included]  (from Malayna & Sophie / ? ? ? )

Episode 34 (GMMore #765) Playing MASH with Jen  

     - - her first tap shoes & a very fancy card (from Alexa Danielle Coffey / Ronkonkoma, NY)

     - - Mythical Entertainment custom design hand embroidered pillow (from Erin McMenemy [a.k.a. Erin McMythical (EMc2)] / Toronto, ON, Canada)

Episode 39 (GMMore #770) Keeping Our Faces Pretty Forever

     - - Octopus Prime, the triangle jar real preserved octopus specimen (from Ginny & Linda White / Ault, CO)

     - - 100,000 Kommunity Member Milestone Celebration Plaque (from the K-Mods)

     - - all natural custom soap creations (from E.B. & Cody Leblanc / Indiana, USA)

Episode 44 (GMMore #775) Rhett Turns Into A Chicken  

     - - her very first pair of hair cutting shears plus a Plush Belvedere and a Plush RandLer (from Kimberlee / Byron Center, MI)

     - - The Duo of Miniature Mythicality ~ Rhett and Link voodoo dolls plus Thor's Mom and Dad Ἴκαρος plushies (from The Mythical Beast Nathan / undisclosed location)

Episode 49 (GMMore #780) We Sacrifice the Crew to a Dragon

     - - antique polished wooden doorknob from the Jackson Sanitarium a.k.a. Our Home on the Hillside (from Andrew / Penfield, NY)

     - - "GMM Krew Battles the Dragon" fan art (from Sam / Jarrettsville, MD)

     - - two ENIGMA ORB broken dinosaur egg magnetic puzzles (from Aaron / Idyllwild-Pine Cove, CA) - - get your own ENIGMA ORB here: 


Episode 54 (GMMore #785) Cracking a Secret Coconut Message

     - - pad saver for Jeremy the flute (from Abby / Houston, TX)

     - - secret message in a Jimmy Buffet direct line coconut phone (from James / www.CoconutCurrier.com)

     - - featured artwork from http://jannelle-o.tumblr.com/

Episode 59 (GMMore #790) Link is a Champion Boomerang-er  

     - - one origami paper flower from her wedding bouquet (from Amy Lindbaum / Christchurch, New Zealand)

     - - custom Good Mythical Halloween tombstone decoration (from Anthony Woodall / Charleston, SC)

     - - limited edition Dairy Milk chocolate bar w/ Vegemite & boomerang (from Hannah / Queensland, Australia)

Episode 64 (GMMore #795) Does Jen Know Her Rhett & Link Trivia?  

    - - martial arts patch from his very own dojo (from Quin Schumann / Lewiston, UT)


Episode 69 (GMMore #800) It's a Good Mythical Art Show!   

     - - Grandpa's newpaper rubber band ball (from Christopher / Illinois, USA)

     - - "a ton of really awesome artwork" from Mythical Beasts - -

   Jackie Reesee / Jonesboro, AR

Alex Fultz / Vermont, USA

Yanni Martin / Delaware, USA

Sammi Wei / ???

Adorable Little Addison (age 5)

Episode 74 (GMMore #805) Can We Eat What's In This Jar?   

     - - vintage engagement day string cheese (from Ryan & Kristie / Harrisburg, PA)

     - - collection of various bacon scented t-shirts (from Devon / Ohio, USA)

     - - another episode of the GOOD MYTHICAL ART SHOW (leftovers from last week)

Episode 79 (GMMore #810) Writing A Ridiculous Thanksgiving Mad Lib    

     - - golfball found in the park that caused his first black eye (from Sumner [age 11] / America)

Episode 84 (GMMore #815) Link Really Loves The Mythical Mail Museum     

     - - tooth lost while recently watching GMM (from Meredith / America)

     - - dishwasher safe Stillmore clay mythical bowls with hidden Wheel of Mythicality on the bottom(from Julia / Cottage Grove, MN)

     - - proper plates for WILL IT ____? chalenges (from Victoria & Julia / Massachusetts, USA)

     - - award winning photoshopped R&L Bobbleheads on horsetable art show (MBs everywhere)

Episode 89 (GMMore #820) We're Made of License Plates!     

     - - medal won in her very first skicross race (from McKenna Latt / L.A. native but currently residing in Carrabassett Valley, ME)

     - - another great Mythical Beast Art Show segment featuring:

          *** cardboard Belvedere the Cockatrice sculpture by Justin Fidencio

          *** stand-up Doggish Rhett & Kittyish Link "desk buddies" from Breanna & the whole DeNovo family

          *** My Painting of Rhett and Link by Komm member Emma Barratt (spozwarrior) in Tasmania, Australia

          *** R&L in License Plates by www.mattblackfolkart.com/ in Pensacola, Florida

Episode 94 (GMMore #825) Opening Christmas Gifts from the Kommunity     

     - - Glass Carrot ~ a fake vegetable friend of Flula the Eggplant (from Hannah / Shelton, CT)

     - - Christmas Care Package (from K-Mod Carol & 313 KBE participants)

Episode 99 (GMMore #830) Glitter Beards for Everyone!     

     - - dog collar & tags from Farley (f.k.a. Rhett) adopted from Last Day Dog Rescue (from Brianna Hojnacki / Warren, MI)

     - - several sets of FANCY PANTIES ~ reference GMM #814 and Project For Awesome 2015 Livestream - Part 2 @ 5:10:00

SEASON 9 ~ Thursdays Means Mail!

(items in RED were shown but not inducted to the MMM)

Episode 4 (GMMore #835) Did Link Like Star Wars: The Force Awakens?    

     - - the first and as of right now only latex prosthetic she's every made (from Casey @warpaintfx / Illinois)

     - - #10 and #11 custom-built light sabers (from Tim, Jacob & Isaac Hess / Council, VA)

     - - R&L Star Wars caricatures (from Lou Q a.k.a. MonkPanda, the aspiring + upcoming artist / Atlanta, GA) 

Episode 9 (GMMore #840) Who Has A Fake Hand?    

     - - Little Suzie doll attacked by a vicious dog named Kitty (from Konstanze / Monmouth, IL)

     - - Rhett's Christmas wish come true ~ a collection of mostly exotic woods (from Cliff Bliss, woodworker)

     - - giant wooden dice for GMM game play (from Ryan)

Episode 14 (GMMore #845) This Week's Mail is Egg-cellent!  

     - - show number 227 for Sammy the jumper pony [a.k.a. Stormwatch] (from Lilly G. / Yorktown, VA)

     - - a note of encouragement* (from Isabelle Strummer / Florida, USA)

     - - non-functional EGG-stractor www.BuyEggstractor.com  (from Nick & Whitney / Costco)

Episode 19 (GMMore #850) Exclusive Rhett & Link Fan Magazine     

     - - original and last surviving set of keys to HARVEY the 1989 Buick Park Avenue ~ in loving memory of Rhett's beloved DYNASTY (from Karyn (Greater Horned Dingle) / Central New Jersey)

     - - first edition copy of MEN WHO CARE TOO MUCH ABOUT THEIR HAIR magazine (from Maddie / St. Louis, MO)

Episode 24 (GMMore #855) Wierd Gum Taste Test  

     - - a piece from her bike  (from Maya / Copenhagen, Denmark)

     - - Fred Flintstone action figure, batteries not included (from Isaac Pollack / Michigan, USA)

Episode 29 (GMMore #860) Can You Hear These Crazy Sounds?

     - - Great-great-grandfather's 1909 algebra exam (from Dannie [15yo girl] / New Jersey, USA)

     - - plastic spoon basketball catapult (from Hunter Madison & his 4 little brothers / South Dakota, USA)

Episode 34 (GMMore #865) Rhett & Link Music on Reel-to-Reel Player

     - - black Corvette model car, piano key & GMM plaque  (from Aidan Clay / Dayton, OH)

     - - 1/4 inch analog reel-to-reel mix tape ca. 1966 of R&L music (from Kenny McKenny)

     - - hilarious artwork held over from last week (Walter, Kyler, Conner & Cooper ~ Hunter's little brothers)

Episode 39 (GMMore #870) Rhett & Link Play Cow Tipping (Game)

     - - hilt of wooden prop sword used in recent school drama production (from Dalton / Taiwan)

     - - a picture of Rhett Rooster & Link Rooster (from Josh Age 8 / Cairo, NE)

     - - KNUCKLE DOWN ~ Cow Tipping Edition marble game (from Jenna / New Jersey, USA)

Episode 44 (GMMore #875) Link Gets A Miniature Horse Tooth 

     - - a miniature horse tooth from the mouth of Ruby  (from Dani / U.P. of MN)

     - - mail package from the future [Feb-2067] (from Toby Flanagan / District 89)

     - - "GMM is out of space" card from space (from ??? / Germany)

Episode 49 (GMMore #880) Destroying A Horcrux

     - - fossilized rhinoceros molars from the White River Badlands (from Grace / Nebraska, USA)

     - - last year's Christmas gift, a necklace [which she always hated but wore anyways because she thought he put a lot of thought into it, but he didn't really] received from ex-boyfriend that has now become a "locket of love lost" so therefore mailed to the studio for GMM-style destruction (from Maddie / ???)

Episode 54 (GMMore #885) Toy Stuck In Dog For 7 Years  

     - - well-aged rubber nugget recovered from Zevon's stomach (from Shannon / America)

     - - R&L look-alike non-personal socks of manliness (from J.D. & Kia Pratt / ???)

     - - handicraft guitar & recorder made from leftover Rhettina stuffing plus assorted Scottish touristy things (from Daniel [age 12] and Lilly [age 8] w/ Allison H. / Scotland)

Episode 59 (GMMore #890) Salt Water Taffy Taste Test

     - - Zulu parade coconut from Mardi Gras 2014 (from Emily / New Orleans, IL)

Episode 64 (GMMore #895) Mochi Chubby Bunny Challenge 

     - - painted chicken skull art created & sold to pay for college (from Camryn a.k.a. Ryn / Rhode Island, USA)

Episode 69 (GMMore #900) Eating 900 French Fries

     - - retired firefighter's helmet w/ dent in the top (from Capt. Firefighter Dereck / Biddeford, ME)

Episode 74 (GMMore #905) Best Airplane Pooping Technique  

     - - well-worn shoes from freshman year at RPI that were the catalyst of their mythical friendship (from Geena & Maggie / Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute located in Troy, New York)

Episode 79 (GMMore #910) The 4 Day Underwear Technique 

     - - petrified dino bone & Spinosaurus tooth (from Jackie [age 22] / NYC, NY)

Episode 84 (GMMore #915) Weird lawnmower Prom Photoshoot 

     - - a bit of blingy bling from her prom dress (from Natalie / Leipzig, Germany) 

     - - R&L calligraphy painting in gold Fatemi Kufic font (from Aaliyah / United Arab Emirates)

Episode 89 (GMMore #920) Ice Crotch Driving Technique  

     - - miniature Inuksuk carved by Inuit artist David Amitu [sp?] (from Jocelyn / Canada)

Episode 94 (GMMore #925) Weird Lawnmower Prom Photoshoot 

     - - silver coated brass trumpet mouthpiece from first year in school band [damaged ? ? ?] (from Madison F. / Iron City, TN)

Episode 99 (GMMore #930) Weird Tarot Card Readings  

     - - 3-D printed glow-in-the-dark engagement ring w/ driveway stone (from Natalie / Grand Rapids, MI

Episode 104 (GMMore #935) Bathtub Talk With Mike & Alex  

     - - THE TIME STONE! [with full fantasy backstory] and Zuranian language cipher (from Quinn Alan Bishop / Tennessee, USA)

Episode 109 (GMMore #940) Testing the Selfie Hat  

     - - Great International Chicken Wing Society Cook-Off Bobble Head (from Lille & Grandpa , the Chicken Wing King / U.S.A.)

Episode 114 (GMMore #945) Our Favorite Father's Day Gifts

     - - small brass Arabic coffee pot (from Noaf / Kuwait)

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Maybe you're new around here and wondering to yourself,

"What did R&L do with the mail before the MUSEUM?"

Well, here's the answer to that question:


O think gumbo I didn't know about that im now going to think of something even better to give them
Also thank you other dude

i have sent some mail to rhett and link for season 8 and my name doesnt showup why?

This discussion is just for the things that they feature in GMMore, either for the Mythical Mail Museum or the (usually) one item they show after that each week. If you sent something they talked about, reply with what it was, and I'm sure Gumbo will get the discussion updated.

That's true, J~dog . . . I list the items featured on a GMM Thursday Means Mail segment.  I'm guessing that for each item that is shown / featured that there are hundreds of letters, cards and gifts received in the fan mail box.

There is a group that you and other Kommunity members can join to discuss what you sent and why . . .

I wonder what happens to all the other stuff people sent in that are not featured or inducted into the MMM? 

If anyone's interested, I've got a list of the things put in the Mythical Time Capsule from Season 2 (I was surprised to find out that the page didn't exist prior to my page (even though a page WAS promised...)) - 


Hey, you spelled my name wrong. It's Brianna, not Breanna. If fact you can put my full name in there if you want! Brianna Hojnacki.

It is done.

Hey, Gumbo!

With regards to the firefighter helmet, My name should be spelt "Dereck" :) This is a really cool thread and I couldn't believe that they actually featured my submission!  Cheers!

Thanks for the info . . .I strive to be as accurate as possible, but you know that ain't happening

update complete


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