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CLEARLY CANADIAN ordering info:  https://clearlycanadian.com/

I definitely remember this stuff . . . Mountain Blackberry is the best!

I loved Clearly Canadian. I can't believe I had forgotten about it. I can't remember the last time I bought one.

I was going to pre-order a case just to support the cause (never had Clearly Canadian before), but because my address will be changing in early 2015, I was advised by their team not to pre-order yet, since they can't change billing addresses down the road. Oh well. =/

Looks like there's been a boost of about 700 cases ordered since they recorded GMMore however many days ago. 25000 seems like a long way off, but hopefully it makes it!

It almost happened, folks...after all this time of living dangerously with his mug on the edge of the table, Link nearly knocked it off with his elbow. One day it's actually going to happen.

My heart skipped a beat when that happened. When it does happen there's going to be a ton of "I told you so" comments on youtube.

There is a "new" YouTube channel with a video featuring R&L:

Also, here is an original Clearly Canadian commercial from the 1990's

Now that the 25,000 case pre-sale goal has been "officially" reached and Clearly Canadian will be put into production, please add any thoughts you have on this topic at the following thread:


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