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Oh my gosh, Will it Chip was absolutely hilarious. Rhett's little slip at the end had me in tears!

(Catching up on older episodes here. A side effect of GMM22's length seems to be that I have to skip them for several days and play a glut en masse when I'm working on something that allows me to listen and look up at the screen when I hear something interesting.)

For the first time, I got a mid-roll advertisement during an episode of GMM. Maybe it started earlier and I only just noticed after coming out of another one of my short, ad-free bouts with YouTube Red (for Mind Field Season 2 this time). It's not that much of an inconvenience, and I'm all for the guys getting compensated for their work, but something about that little yellow scar in the seek bar feels a bit unmythical to me.

This wasn't the first time the GMM "will it?" question has gone awry... xD https://youtu.be/XEsjOIKLP74?t=13m8s

oh my gosh that's hilarious! I'd forgotten about that!


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