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I am a bit bored with my other stories at the moment. So I am just writing a little blurb. Maybe I will write more. Maybe you all want to add something. Have fun.

Rhett and Link both skate boarded over to their favorite odd brained scientist home , Doc Brown. They both had been going over there for a few days to check on if Doc had returned. Each day nothing. More dog food piled up and food that was old and stale sitting on plates that were never touched.


Today was no different. There was still no Doc and no Einstein. They both shrugged  their shoulders and went over and looked at the extremely large  AMP that sat against the farthest wall. The two best friends looked at each other, grinning wildly and with a hint of “up to no good”, they plugged in their guitars. After setting every knob to the highest they would go, they lowered their sunglasses and prepped their arms to strum.

“3.” Rhett hummed

“2.” Link hummed next.

Together they yelled out, “1!”

In unison they strummed their guitars.

The air or blast, whatever sounds the best, hit them both, HARD. Link was thrown back into a bookcase where as Rhett was just pushed down. Neither were spared of the evil bookcase. It landed on the both of them with every item finding a new home on either Rhett, Link, or the floor.


“Oh gosh.” Rhett sighed out.

“Bo I think we might have overdone it.” Link moved a paint can from his face as he also thanked the powers above that it stayed closed.

“Link what in the world gave you that idea?”

Both friends laughed uncontrollably. They were only interrupted by a high pitch phone ring.

“Oh man where did the phone go?” Both boys looked at each while panic sunk in.

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