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Squirrelly, b/c at least it would people laugh. I think the ladies could deal with that much better than the crazy squirrel.
Sorry for repost, but this is what i said on youtube:
I'd rather have the squirrel because no one would f*ck with you when you go to the bad part of town to buy some pot. They'd be like "Gih me yo money, crackuh" and i'd be like "The FUCK'd you just say?! I gotta rabid squirrel son!! don't f*ck with me, or he'll give your nuts rabies!!"
WouldYouRather- Forget who everyone else is OR Forget who you are?
Squirrelly because its possible that people might think its a joke and laugh, and even though you would be embarrassed there would be no physical pain involved (squirrel attacks).
SQUIRRELLY! everyone would know that I'm Squirrelly! :D:D:D
Completley unrelated, but I was visiting Campbell today and I saw you guys a couple of times and I was all like "hey it's Rhett and Link!" you seemed to be busy so I didnt say hi or anything, so Im just letting you know that you made my day! Also, I would tottally yell IM SQUIRELLY!!!!!!!! I might do this anyway now, it sounds awesome.
I'd rather take on the squirrel on a leash, because it makes great stories for people who meet him/her for the 1st time :D
Who everyone else is. Because I already do this. Who are you? I am Jeanette. See I didn't forget who I was.

Stephen Gordon said:
WouldYouRather- Forget who everyone else is OR Forget who you are?
SQUIRRELLY! I think it's waaaaaay better than being leashed to a psychotic squirrel for your whole life.
Squirrelly, cuz it made me laugh when you demonstrated it.. just seems hilarious, and the squirrel thing would be so inconvenient because I have a dog and a cat and they both love chasing things and the squirrel would just antagonize them.


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