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DREAMLESS: to never have another dream while you're asleep for the rest of your life, neither nightmare nor sweet dream, but not suffer from any psychological consequences, other than the obvious dullness in the dreamless void.


DREAMER: to be plagued with near constant daydreams everyday for the rest of your life, and be able to control it only with difficulty and in critical safety situations.

What do you think?

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dreamer, it could offer good information to the physiological community.
dreamless...... because.. I don't dream in my sleep.....and if i am dreamless... I would pay attention in class

Everyone dreams no matter what. You just dont remember having a dream

Nativ amaricans belived that the dream world is closer to reality than the wakeing world. Plato belived all things in the waking world are simply shadows of reality. i love dreams however unfortunatly i have parts of my life that i need to spend more time with and parts that i want to spend more time with. if i was alone and freindless being a dreamer would be who i'd be but now id have to leav my dreams behind me and rely on my imagination to entertain me.
I would rahter be a dreamer.. i have some reasons:
1. if you don't dream you'll die.
2. dreaming is fun.
everyone should dream
dream is magic
I'm a dreamer! ;)

Dreamless. I already tend to daydream quite a bit, and my dreams when I'm asleep are usually scary or unsettling in some way.
DREAMER!! It would be a little sad to never have another dream again. But if I'm a DREAMER, do I still have nightmare, or just swee dreams??!! :) (:
i hav been studying dreams for sometime now, and i could never give up dreaming. i sleep because i l00k forward to my dreams. :D
As much as I hate my constant nightmares,  I'd still be a dreamer.


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