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I''d like to know what poeple think about this

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Ugly and smart. Definitely.

I'm already ugly AND dumb, so I'm covering both sides...

Just kidding. I would rather be "ugly" and smart. Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.

I would NOT mind being smart. so.. Ugly and smart!!

Ugly and smart because beauty doesn't pass high school

Ugly and smart because I could find a way to make myself beautiful ^.^

Ugly and smart all the way~

Well, I'm with everyone else.

Ugly and smart hands down. 

I'm already ugly and smart (kind of ), so I'd choose dumb and good looking just for a change. 

I'd like to try dumb and good looking....even if just for a day.


ugly and smart

Ugly and smart, if you were smart enough you could create a potion to make you beutiful :)


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