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I think I would personally like to meet Link over Rhett, (Nothing personal guys!) because I think that I am more like Link than Rhett. And that we would be able to conversate more than Rhett and I would. But to meet either would be a great honor and I would never forget it.

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hey btw i already posted this discussion

Oh really? can you reply to this with a link?

I'd rather meet rhett. he's tall, and i'm a girl of about 5'8 in 7th grade. it would be cool to have to look straight up to talk to someone. hehe

They are both fairly tall. I met them at Vidcon awhile back and they both looked like giants compared to me. I'm 5'10. :D

Me too. Dang. The must be taller than I had imagined.

I on the other hand would like to meet Rhett I don't know why. But meeting both of them would be awesome.

I'd rather meet Link. No offense Rhett but Link seem extremely likable xD

Rhett because I am also extremely tall (6'1) and because he could teach me how to play guitar since I know have the pick from the mythical shoes!!!! (which I am way to obsessed about...) but of course Link is still very very fancy, since he is a human being.

I'd have to say I'd rather meet Rhett, since he and I seem to have a few common interests:

-Playing guitar (then again, so does Link...)

-Taking out the trash


But since Link might like doing that stuff too (except taking out trash, BLECH) I'm at a sort of toss up.

>:( I'm undecided.



If I couldn't meet both of them, then i'd rather not meet any of them.

I'd say........Rhett


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