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I really would like to hear Lee Newton from Sourcefed. She is absolutely hilarious and she has an amazing story. The other guest I would like to here on Ear Biscuits is Elliott Morgan and Mike Falzone. 

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I'd really like to hear Toby Turner, Jack Douglass or Ian and Anthony from Smosh on Ear Biscuits.
And Hank and John Green

They did already

Joe Penna, Toby Turner, & Hank Green.  :) Don't know much about them and they seem like interesting people.

I'd like to hear them talk to Wong Fu Productions, but that would be harder since there's three of them...so far R&L have stuck to the one-person interview format.

*two. ;) Benny and Rafi Fine.

I have to say PewDiePie, definitely. He isn't my favourite YouTuber and I know it would cost a lot for him to fly to America, but I think it would be interesting to see what Rhett and Link think of him. Toby Turner, for sure, needs more attention. I guess I shouldn't list many gaming channels though. 

I forgot the rest... One sec.

They have actually done a video with him.Although it's not Ear Biscuits heres the Link https://youtu.be/092PIJKKgFo 

Would love to hear Doug Walker (thatguywithglasses). Someone interesting from the internet that left Youtube to do his own thing with videos on his own site. Would be interesting to hear that story.

Samuel CONWAY.

Ray William Johnson

Two people I'd like to hear interviewed:

Craig Benzine (WheezyWaiter)

Destin from Smarter Every Day


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