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When you first found Rhett and Link, what did you think? Did you think "This is amazing", "They're crazy" or something else? Also please state why you thought so, and what video did you see that triggered those thoughts?

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I saw the Chuck Testa commercial in November 2011 on thanksgiving. And I thought it was hilarious!  I didn't think much about it, or check out who made it.  In March 2012 I was watching my favorite Youtubers (now second favorite) the "Indy Machines" they did five word film titles. They had an annotation to Rhett&Link's five word song titles. I saw "Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time" and was thoroughly disturbed. But I thought it was funny. So I clicked "My Hair Song" loved it. Then watched the behind the scenes episode of GMM. 

First Impression of Rhett: A 30 yr old biker who makes a ton of bathroom jokes. (He was wearing a leather jacket and drinking coffee out of a toilet mug).

First Impression of Link: A 30 yr old who says nice things when Rhett says something bad. A safer person.

But I kept on watching and figured out who they really were.

They seem like the friends I grew up with.  Funny and witty.

I was drawn to their show by the mystical energy that flows from Rhett's beard. After watching a few of their videos, the gravitational pull from the epicenter of his facial masterpiece caused a massive explosion of testosterone to surge through the pores in my face. Instantaneously, I had sprouted a beard that even Chuck norris would be proud of.

There is indeed something mythical and magical about their show.

Well technically I first saw some of their videos in either 2008 or 2009, and I can't remember what I initially thought (too far back for my memory). I don't even remember which video(s) I saw. Since I learned about the NC duo through a story in my NC college paper, probably my reaction was, "Cool, some Southern guys are making a name for themselves!" It wasn't enough to get me hooked at that time, though.

Perhaps more interesting is my dad's reaction to first seeing them. Last year I showed him "The Hair Song," and at the end of it he said, "Well that was kind of dumb." (He laughed though.) :P

The first time I saw rhett and link was a GMM video my brother was watching. After a while of  just watching two guys talking i thought they were pretty boring. First impression not good, but obviously i learned to love them.

My first video was T-shirt wars. I was really impressed and amazed. Soon after I was caught up into their music and was totally hooked!

The first video I saw was Singing "All Night Long" All Night Long, and I wasn't very interested, but I watched the Hair Song. I thought Link was pretty funny, but it seemed like Rhett was just a weirdo. I kept watching more videos though, and now I love them!

The first time I saw them was the how to kill a mustache video. I instantly fell in love with them. There great
My first time I saw Rhett and Link was in Christmas Sweatz, and I thought they were weird and random. I didn't watch them for about a year and a half. I forgot all about them. Then I watched Youtubers react and they were pretty funny. So I typed Rhett andLink and watched Walmart taste test. I thought they were hilarious! Since then, I'm hooked on their videos!!!!!!

The first video I saw was the first episode of the Mythical Show, just around the time it was released. I didn't think they were that great and was a little bit confused at what I'd seen. But out of curiosity I returned several weeks later and watched the next episode. And then the next one... and the next one... I guess I just had to acquire the taste because I watched them just about every day since!

First saw them on Commercial Kings. Thought they were funny, but it seemed like they were patronizing the people around them, and faking that clumsy humble attitude. Anyway I randomly came across GMM later and it blew that all out of the water. Once you realize these are married 35 year old fathers from North Carolina who keep it clean, you gain so much respect for them. They're not trying to pick up chicks, or start a rebellion. They just entertain for basically free.
I thought a mixture of that's funny and what on earth did i just watch??? After rub some bacon on it. But that was the second vid i watched the first was tshirt wars and i thought this is awesome!!!


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