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When you first found Rhett and Link, what did you think? Did you think "This is amazing", "They're crazy" or something else? Also please state why you thought so, and what video did you see that triggered those thoughts?

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I've thought about this a bit. Thinking back I believe the first video of theirs I watched was "Perfect Bathroom Trip," and honestly, I wasn't impressed by them. I think my first thought was "That was weird." I watched a few more videos, "Goth Boy" and "My Hair Song," and thought that they were alright but I didn't think much about them until earlier this year. 

The first Rhett and Link videos I saw I stumbled upon completely by accident. (I think the first video I saw was Facebook Song). I loved each video as I found it (weeks or months apart) but never really connected the dots that all these videos were by the same duo. My first thoughts were probably "these guys are cute","their accents are awesome", closely followed by, "wow this is really clever and funny" and finally "I love this video".
I remember the day that finally I realized that they were behind so many videos I loved. It was an "ah ha" moment. I remember feeling silly for not having noticed earlier. I subscribed immediately, jumped into watching old episodes of GMCL (they were on a break before Season 1 of GMM began when I finally made the connection) and realized that I love everything these guys do.

My first impressions of Rhett and link were that they were just a normal show. I kept on watching you guys and now I think they are the best!!!

Well I first saw them in Julian Smith's video "Waffles" and I thought they were cool looking. I then searched more Julian Smith videos and he was in "Perfect Bathroom Trip" so I looked for more of Julian in their videos including "Time Capsule Burial" and I just decided to watch more of their videos because they kept showing up in the recommended column. Not once have I thought "These guys are dumb," or "That was stupid." I always had good thoughts about them:)

My first thought was "Those Americans are kinda funny"

The first ever video I'd ever seen by them was the Chuck Testa commercial; at the time, though, I'd never heard of them and had no clue that they were the genuises behind it. I stumbled upon GMM earlier in February and my first thought was, "Hey, this is pretty cool. I've never seen anything like this on Youtube before." I instantly got hooked. Eariler in May was when I finally found out that they made the Chuck Testa commercial, and my mind was blown.

I started thinking what was the first video I watched and had to look at my internet history(even though I have only been watching their channel for a month). The first video was "I am a thoughtful guy" and loved the music which encouraged me to start watching other videos. Now I love watching all the GMM's and the Mythical Show. But my favorite are still the music videos. AND WAIT THEY did the CHUCK TESTA COMMERCIAL-i love the songified version!

I just discovered them about two week when I watched the Good Mythical Morning episode of trivia from the past season...the one where each gets a pie in the face. I didn't get the trivia questions since I had not seen any other episodes...but they were crazy hilarious and I am hooked!!! I watch them all the time. Thanks for the funnies you guys!!!! Oh... btw..I ate a quadruple whopper this week, something i had never even heard of before............


The first thing I saw by them was the Facebook Song, so I probably thougt, "Wow, those guys are weird looking and need to move out of their mom's basements"

The first Rhett & Link video I ever watched was the Friend Zone episode of Link's Golden Advice for Single Guys. I found it after watching Swoozie06's Friend Zone video. I immediately thought that "Link" was a stage name based on the video game character. I wondered who "Rhett" was, and why he wasn't in the video. I thought they were both in college based upon the way they looked, and I thought that Link was the head of it all. I also thought that the video was hilarious, and watched all of the other Link's Golden Advice videos, which then introduced me to GMM. And, well, here's where I ended up! ^_^

Haha, I love Swoozie06!

Same here!! I was completely shocked when I found out their real ages!


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