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It's a RhettandLinKommunity EXCLUSIVE! I just uploaded an instrumental version of an up-coming music video. It's in the Kommunity music player. It's also attached below (within this discussion). So you can download it for FREE from here!

Our Space Junk will appear on the Science Channel's Brink *next Thursday 6/25 at 8pm*. What do you think of the instrumental? Any predictions on what direction we're taking the final song and video? Comment away!

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Though I do like it, this soundtrack sounds particularly robotic and futuristic to say the least.
If my calculations are correct, which they usually are, this song is when Rhett comes out of the garage and admits that he really is a robot.

I've been watching a lot of your work(s) and want to point out that I have never seen Rhett use the bathroom.
Also, Link, you would have an answer to why Rhett wasn't hurt on that snowboarding trip.

I also want Rhett to know that I accept him, even if he is metal made and has gears instead of joints.
BEN dont spoil it for people GOSH who told you that ... how are you getting your inside information???
pretty cool, guys. youre getting better and better and composition. the chorus sounds pretty rad. what do you use to make your beats?
nice!!! by the way love x-files man song. i listen to it all the time it's awsome but not as awsome as maine man,"i wanna be your maine man,..."


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