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It's a RhettandLinKommunity EXCLUSIVE! I just uploaded an instrumental version of an up-coming music video. It's in the Kommunity music player. It's also attached below (within this discussion). So you can download it for FREE from here!

Our Space Junk will appear on the Science Channel's Brink *next Thursday 6/25 at 8pm*. What do you think of the instrumental? Any predictions on what direction we're taking the final song and video? Comment away!

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Lovely. Can't wait to hear the lyrics!
NEAT-O! I'm picturing flying meteors, broken satellite parts, and stars. And by stars I mean Rhett and Link, flying through space, in a garbage truck collecting the space junk. Because even in space, we gotta clean up after ourselves. How do you guys keep coming up with your own great new melodies?!
IT's cool! So is this a song for the science channel show? or about it! Love Brink.. love the song too!
I like the little interjections. Curious to see this video. I'm that the video has a bunch of junk in it. Like old parts to something... possibly something related to space.
Omg Love it :D Can't wait to see the video...Got me very curious
It sounds awesome! Very excited to hear/see the final product! One of my favorite band's genre is "astro-rock" so this will be right up my alley. :D
It sounds amazing. But I reallyyyy can't wait to see the In the 80s video! :)
very cool sounding! can't wait to see the video!
Update...Our Space Junk music video will appear on the Science Channel's show Brink
*next Thursday, 6/25 at 8pm*
Eastern time?
Sounds great! I like the space/techno feel to it. I might have to set the DVR to record it just so I can see the video....
I was expecting the '80s video that you gave a preview of on your last show. I'm quite interested in what this song's going to be like.


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