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I know that this is the RhettandLinKommunity, but the Grateful Dead has its 'Dead Heads,' Jimmy Buffett has 'Parrot Heads.' Not that we have to be 'Heads' of any sort, but I was wondering what Rhett and Link fans call themselves. Do we have a cool name too, or are we just fans? 'Kommies' doesn't cut it for me. Any suggestions or is there a name I don't know about?

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Brian gave me a few more ideas. Blame him. Here goes:

the Deddy Heads (no, not the Dead Heads; the Deddy Heads from the Good Life interviews) and

the Redneck Mafia/Movement/Nation/Brigade/Armada/Renegades, etc.

You can stop cringing now. I'm done. ;)

That....made me laugh. Out loud. At 7:30 AM with no coffee...
I prefer something a little friendlier...maybe that's just me.

That said, I wracked my brain for about 10 seconds and came up with this process:
"RhettandLink...anything"...is just too long.
Can we think of something that incorporates "R&L" but is easy to pronounce?
I guess that would be pronounced ARE-EN-EL.

The Arsenal.

Wow. That's friendly.

I guess I shouldn't have had that second cup of coffee!
I still like "The Internetained" best so far.
I mean, because Star Trek has Trekkies, or Trekkers
Beats RhettandLinkies, doesn't it? LOL!
I just came up with another name off the top of my head. How about the NING Crowd(my attempt at a little humor). I know it sounds corny, but i couldn't help myself.
i'm at work so i have to be fast but i just thought of the one we should go with. no need to vote cause this is it.

a simple acronym for Rhett and Link fans:

that's it. no more need for debate. we are the RaLFs.

i'm a RaLF. are you a RaLF?


okay, if that one doesn't fly - which it should, how about RaLies? i'd rather be a RaLF but i could also be a RaLie.
... i like it
nice one!

Hold on, be right back.......

........ sorry about that, just coughed on something.....

I definitely applaud your confident approach, Peter! And, honestly, I like it a lot! I'll call myself a RaLF. And, I especially like the lower case "a."
I like it too,
almost more than RheLishes...
I still don't knwo what !!!


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