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Well, Halloween is coming up next month. What are you going to dress up as? You can brainstorm your thoughts here, and upload pictures of you in your costume!

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well, i really want to be a rollerskater but my mom said i couldnt skate on the road with skates on and that i would brake my neck or something else but i think i can still do it! do you? i really hope that she hanges her mind on halloween night!
Haven't decided yet. Gotta check to see if my school (where I teach) is encouraging people to dress up for Halloween, but I think I'm gonna go with Lucille Ball.
I have always hated dressing up in costumes on Halloween. I know, who doesn't dress up on Halloween? I don't know. I stopped dressing up in a costume around age nine. This year though, I decided I would at least show some Halloween spirit. I just bought an iron-on thingy for a shirt that says, "This is my Halloween costume." I am so lame :P
Im going to be............. POPEYE!
I'm going to be Cleopatra! Here's a picture of my greatest costume ever - The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

i want t be a machine gun murderer because its sounds fun
That's slightly disturbing. Do you mean like an old-time gangster?

John Beatty said:
i want t be a machine gun murderer because its sounds fun
I have no idea now. :( The glorious costume I was planning to purchase has yet to be available and time is running out...

I might be a bee. That's a possibility. Suggestions?
HAHAHA, I thought of something and it is priceless and very me. I'm going to be a supervillain. Think Dr. Horrible type supervillains... Silly and nerdy and off-beat. :D My name: Timetress. Because I'm obsessed with time, I have a stopwatch now that I'm in love with AND I am on the supersquad. It all goes together!

WahahahI've lost my mind.
I am wearing a KuroiLoli ensemble that I wore to my sister's wedding last year (I was the best man)


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