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I had a couple thoughts that I would love to see you guys do on the WTWOKasts, and I figured here might be a good place to post them. =]

First of all, I think it might be cool to let people who are not moderators host the kasts.
I know I would love to be a host for a show, and I'd get my little sister to help, too.^^ (Unfortunately, I don't have a webcam. xD)
I know you'd have to be really careful with who you pick to do the kasts, I just thought this might be a cool way to change things up a little. =]

Secondly, I thought it would be really cool to see the hosts attempt to do some of the segments that Rhett and Link do on the livekasts.
I think you guys could come up with some Things that have Never Been Said or maybe some Golden Advice for Single Guys. xD

Just a thought, please give me your feedback on it! =]

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These are really awesome surgestions, and i don't know if Joel will be hosting it more thou, so it looks like its up to me now, he has his own cast to worry about and plan for now, with the whole Brain Fried Network expanding, which is great, but if i do it this week aswell i will deffinitly try and have some more segments and such, also anyone who wants to host is welcome to, i'm also trying to start a thing up where we host AfterKast Parties after that R&L Kasts, we did that one time and every one had a blast, and maybe try to do that as a regular thing with different hosts and just alot of fun, trying to get as many people from the Komm involved as possible, couse we are some really awesome people : D
Well, i don't know if you should have to do all of them, especially since it's like 3 am where you live during the normal kast hours. Dx
I would totally want to host it, but I think I'd probably need to get a webcam. x]
AfterKast Parties sound like a lot of fun, but I think having one after every kast is a bit excessive, and might be hard to organize every week. Maybe once a month, or something?
Good luck with all of that, though, and just let me know if there's anything I can do to help. =]
I agree with Lauren, it might be a good idea to do some of the segments Rhett&Link did. Ya know, Something That's Never Been Said, Golden Advice for Single Guys, The Future According to Rhett (Well, According to Chris in this case xD). That would be fun. Umm...you could "feature" (and by feature I just mean talk about them) things (pictures, videos, discussions, etc) going on the Kommunity? I guess you kind of already do that...I don't know, if I think of anything else I'll tell you. :]
Thanks for the surgestions Cara, i will deffinitly try to do some kind of segments this thursday!


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