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There haven't been a lot of Would You Rathers lately, so I figured I should try and revive that; after all, there is a whole forum category dedicated to them.

Ok then, here it is:




... be extremely ticklish over your entire body (to the point that even if you just brushed up against someone, you'd burst out in uncontrollable laughter)...




... have to wear a full-on Santa costume whenever you went out in public. Year-round, beard and all.



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Santa suit!  Course I'd have to move to a colder climate, but I HATE being tickled, so. . .
hmmm....I think I'd rather be ticklish, because I'm already beyond extremely ticklish all over my body, so I'm used to it. haha
I think I'd do Santa as well. Because then I could just assume the identity of Santa and only have to work 1 day a year.

So what's the issue here?

Are you saying there might be something wrong with wearing a Santa suit 24-7-365? 

It's not like I dress like a clown or chicken costume or something wierd, so don't you be judging me.

I'm already extreamly ticklish and its not too bad

I'd rather be ticklish. I mean, If I'm laughing, other people are bound to laugh too. So I think it'd be a good way to make everyone at least a tad happier. Or maybe that's just me...
oh my goodness... um......... i... i think the santa suit.... i think.. :SS

SANTA!!! That way I could bring joy to peoples lives everyday :) ..and whats cooler than dressing up like a dead guy?? (Saint Nicholas was a real person for those of you who might not know...) Anyways I wouldn't be required to give out gifts all the time though would I?? Not sure I could afford that..


hmmm I've been thinking a lot about this, and i have reconsidered. I would rather be ticklish. A Santa suit would be very inconvenient...  and I being ticklish would get rather interesting.. in a sorta entertaining way. So I am officially switching to the ticklish side. Besides, either way I make people laugh, so I'm happy! XD

Santa because I can do karate in a santa outfit, I'm completely defenseless when ticklish.


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