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I really liked today's (January 18) episode! The recent seasons of GMM have felt more produced and aimed towards being viral than the old seasons (when Rhett and Link talked about what they wanted and went on tangents), so it was nice to have a bit of a "throwback" with the first Whatever Wednesday.

What's your opinion on Whatever Wednesday?

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I liked this format a lot. A few moments gave me some GMCL nostalgia, which is always a good thing in my book.

They DID slip in a rebranded "GIF of the day" section when they were watching the handshake, but I can let it slide.

Yeah, I thought the handshake GIF felt a little out of place at the end (like they needed a few extra seconds to make the video longer). But, like you said, I can let it slide. The rest of the video was very entertaining. :)

I really enjoyed it.  It felt to me that they were actually having fun and not going through the motions.

I thought it was great! There was quite a variety in the little mini segments they did, including a good ol' chat about something they found interesting (the kissing app). I think it gives them a nice (fun!) opportunity to be more free with an episode's content rather than be restricted to one specific theme. :)

It was awesome. The first episode of the season had me worrying that Season 11 was going to be even more "mass produced" content that we've seen the past couple seasons, but Whatever Wednesday felt exactly like the reason I subscribed in the first place. 

I completely agree, I'm glad they come back to their old style in a way. It is much more sincere and is something all GMM fans can relate to. And the GMMore was one of the funniest ones ever! Loved it.

I really enjoyed it! I think Whatever Wednesday will give them more freedom/opportunities to do what they want/to talk what they want to talk about. I love just hearing them talk about things like they did in Seasons 1 & 2 (and GMCL)

And the GMMore really was something!! I couldn't stop laughing

It's nice to know they take our suggestions & hear our feedback (they've heard that we enjoy listening to them talk & tell stories)

My family loves Rhett and Link, we really liked it. I love when they get "real" and share stories from their childhood, etc. They have such an amazing friendship and are the greatest story tellers. I seriously hope Whatever Wednesday stays a little less topical and more of them just taking and telling stories. It's so much fun.

Agreed! Their stories are some of the most memorable part of GMM. :)

After GMM became more produced, I feel like GMMore was a like a story-time replacement. But now GMMore has begun to be more topical too (painting with hot dogs, anyone?), so I'm glad they set up a way to have more good 'ol fashioned R&L time again. :)

I'm a big fan of "Whatever Wednesdays". I enjoyed the Buies Creek news and weather --maybe just because Link was so happy that he got to be a weatherman. If they didn't want to do Buies Creek every week, they could get the community interacting by taking comments and spotlighting a town that a Mythical Beast is from. It does have a "throwback" feel to it, it's more casual. It'll be a good addition to Season 11, it seems to break up the week more. And if the GMMore episodes for Wednesday are as funny as this week's was, we're all in for a treat. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

I LOVED it! I had been missing a lot of the variety in their episodes. I love how they talk about Buies Creek again, staying true to their roots, and I love just their conversations together. It didn't exactly give me nostalgia like some people said, but I am glad that they are bringing the simple conversations back.

I loved Whatever Wednesday because it felt very genuinely straight from Rhett and Link's minds... it's their creativity and unique sense of humor that I really enjoy. The format was fun and I have been enjoying the editing lately. It was a refreshing balance to the change in the wheel becoming more focused on fans and less on them. The News in Buies Creek was the only part that fell a little flat to me, but I'm sure now that Link has gotten his chance to be a weatherman they'll have something new and fun next week. The rest of the episode and the More (and the previous More, and today's episode with the element bending) had me laughing uncontrollably all day long thinking about it. GMM is going in a fun direction this season!


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