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As a bizarre food enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to see all the things Rhett & Link have forced down their gullets (and, sometimes, back up) in one place. So I’ve done it: I compiled a list of all the weird, disgusting, and inedible things the guys have eaten over the years.

Here it is.

I included several categories, as well as indicating the channel, episode, season, who ate what, and some flavor text (notes).

Let me know if I made any errors, or if you think anything on here should be excluded for being too “normal.” Please note that I didn’t include many inoffensive foods, like cookies from other countries; if you would like me to add them, comment and I will!

"Hold up, you missed something!" Comment with the following:

  1. The food (duh)

  2. The episode and channel

  3. Who ate it


I hope you all find this as morbidly satisfying as I do. BYMB


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Wow, what a list! Thanks for doing all this work!

I had no idea I would find that as interesting and satisfying as I do.... also slightly disgusting lol

I've long been a fan of bizarre foods (and the tv show by that name, for that matter) and it was one of the things that drew me in to Rhett and Link and I'm so glad it did, but I truly am satisfied by the variety of weird things they have already eaten, and I think they could stand to take it down a notch in the strange food arena for a while, especially if they aren't feeling to keen on it after all they've tried. No one can say they aren't already champions of the food world.

Haha, yeah, I wouldn't be upset if they stopped for a while. I loved Link's "this has got to stop" speech in the organic food ep.

Amazing! I never realized just how much they tried until seeing it in list form! 

Expand to full-size for view of this poster of eating/tasting episodes of GMM.  Did not include any of the many many GMMore tasting shows or other "main channel" items such as Are You Gonna Eat That?


Gumbo, this is beautiful. 

Updated the list with all the nastiness from the fish bait episode and GMMore. :D


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