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SUGGESTION!! Live Stream / Google+ Hangout in live with Rhett and Link?

I have something to suggest to you Guys. What do you think about making a Live Stream / Google+ Hangout with Rhett and Link so we can ask them questions and stuff ??

Comment below if you have anything to say !

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That's actually a really good idea.....

That would be cool! But they have done live streams in the past, even before Google hangouts were around, and probably would still be doing them if they had the time. It's just a matter or how busy they are. Nevertheless, I'd definitely make an appearance if they decided to do one!

G+ hangouts are a little limiting since you can only have 10 people in a hangout at once, I'm thinking there will be a lot more than 10 people interested in joining the hangout!
Logistically, in order for something like that to work, Rhett and Link would have to create a G+ hangout, invite 9 mythical beasts to join the hangout (perhaps the K mods), then those 9 beasts (or less) could monitor the main room komm chat for questions from beasts and relay them to Rhett and Link through the G+ hangout. Beasts could watch the hangout as it was broadcast live on YouTube and ask questions/comment through the Main Room Komm chat.
Of course, this is all if Rhett and Link had the time and inclination to do something like this. I imagine that they are SUPER busy right now!

P.S. there may be a way to have more than 10 people in a G+ hangout that I don't know it. But I host G+ hangout/chat sessions for another internetainer once a week and this is the way we run it. It works very well.

Well , I didn't know that :D .. but what about a live stream on YouTube ?

From what I understand, YouTube live streaming isn't available yet (the Big Live Comedy Show that YouTube had for Comedy Week was the first live stream to introduce the service) but the G+ hangout can be live streamed with chat running through the Komm main room it would work well.

You can live stream on youtube. MysteryGuitarMan did it before.

well you are wrong .. YouTube streamed Felix Baumgarner's jump in live ...


You're right, I just googled it. Live streaming is available to channels with over 1000 subs as of May 15th. (previously it was extended only to specific partner channels for events and live streaming video game play)


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