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  • What do you want R&L to talk about? 


  • Are you considered to be somewhat of an "EXPERT" on that subject?


  • Have you already make a suggestion to Rhett and Link  via comment post on  ,  or  ?


  • Did they think it was a great idea? Or do they believe you are completely insane for even suggesting such a thing and should be put away somewhere quiet before you hurt yourself?


  • If you were a flower, what type would you be?

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Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Cowboys

This has been a heated topic of conversation in the Komm Forum for quite a while and now we look to Rhett and Link for the definitive answer.


Ticklish or Santa?

Just one of the hotly debated "Would You Rather" discussion topics as posed by Kevin (UniSeal)


The Hodge Conjecture

The boys at MIT have had their chance, it's about time that Rhett and Link put this issue to rest.  Let: 

We call this the group of Hodge classes of degree 2k on X.

Let X be a projective complex manifold. Then every Hodge class on X is a linear combination with rational coefficients of the cohomology classes of complex subvarieties of X.

A projective complex manifold is a complex manifold which can be embedded in complex projective space. Because projective space carries a Kähler metric, the Fubini–Study metric, such a manifold is always a Kähler manifold. By Chow's theorem, a projective complex manifold is also a smooth projective algebraic variety, that is, it is the zero set of a collection of homogenous polynomials.


Have Rhett and Link discussed their musical backgrounds very much? I'd be interested in hearing about their adventures with guitar, recorder, and vocal talents...something like that. Oh, and they've mentioned they were in a band! Let's talk about THAT!




Are you [Mythical Beast] more like Rhett...or more like Link?

What are your likes/dislikes/interests/peeves/hobbies/etc... and are they more like Link, or more like Rhett?

Having watched all of GMCL and GMM i would be curious to see how the mythical beasts compare to their mythicl hosts :-)



For an episode in season 2, maybe a special one like episode 150, Rhett and Link should have Julian Smith as a special guest.


Absolutely! They've already done some stuff together, like a kidnapped episode and the Perfect Bathroom Trip


we had a hernie together :)


Haha! I am just kidding,  I am hit man, Julian is tied up in shed. ;)

Hahaha. Ok :)

what is the best holiday? we all need to know.


Do you ever speak dyslexic?  Like: Pishing Fond or Poffee Cot.  

that and do you also write or type dyslexic?

When you gave your demo post on how to make the GMM fan discussion posts, you suggested "Scuba Diving Vs. Snorkeling" -- I think that's a good one. :P

I just love recycled humor . . .



All Hail Victoria (Centauromadoose) ~ Queen of GMM Topic Suggestions!

Why thank ya, Gumbo! :D

It was a really great suggestion!

I think we definitely need to have a special episode of GMM where you do FRIDAY MEANS MAIL again. That was one of my favorite things, and we've had mail-less Fridays for almost 2 years now.

I also think you should revisit "Would You Rathers" in an episode, as there are some great ones in the dedicated forum, and they are another thing I enjoyed that hasn't been done for a long time. And, of course, I personally would be all for using the one Gumbo featured above, haha.

I would definitely pay real money for production, packaging and postage (PPP) to ship something out to Kave West Studios in LA-LA-Land if they reinstated the FRIDAY MEANS MAIL segment. Who Knows? Mabey a set of the GMM Season One posters or a deck of Kommunity Kards. 


I've got it.  On Friday they rotate between Friday Means Mail, Would You Rather's, Best __ Ever, and __ vs. __.

Watcha think?  It kinda feels like overkill.

i like it


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