Home of Rhett & Link fans - the Mythical Beasts!

Rhett & Link have never won a Streamy before, lets us here at the Kommunity help change that.


Good Mythical Morning is up for show of the year. Vote now here:



Rhett and Link won the Streamy for Non-Fiction. Congrats!


Vote using the two links below, Good Mythical Morning &  Rhett & Link (these votes are now closed)

GMM: http://bit.ly/1SE8Q0H
R&L: http://bit.ly/1H7Z2bp

Please use both links to submit your votes to help get them show of the year and entertainer of the year.

If they get enough votes to get nominated into the categories, they will reward Mythical Beasts with behind the scenes content and Snapchat posts of the event.

Get voting and get your friends to vote..and their friends ..and so on :)

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We are hoping that people who don't have a Twitter account will create one :)

Because, hey, a new twitter account with no followers counts just as much as one with a ton of followers...and multiple votes also don't annoy the followers that the new account doesn't have ;)

We're hoping the Kommunity can rally!  :)

We're already on it via the kommunity twitter. Like we wouldn't rally pff :)
I had one. Created 4 more. Now tweeting from 5 ;)

That's dedication! Your support is great!

Wow you go for it! :)

Yeah. They changed my life so I must repay a little ;)

I made a twitter account just to vote! :) Rally on! 


Someone's been keeping tabs on the Kommunity Twitter account even though he doesn't have his own. ;)

Hmm suspicious ;)

NOT SO!  it's just a simple search of the number of TWITS using both #goodmythicalmorning and #Streamys over the past month.

Just rounding out the numbers since 09/02/15 when the "voting" commenced in earnest . . .

20+25+25+30+30+35+30 = 195,000 hits in 7 days

Sure, but you pulled language directly from our Kommunity account tweets when you sent out that blast email about Streamys voting. Can't fool us, Gumbo! :P


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