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Rhett & Link have never won a Streamy before, lets us here at the Kommunity help change that.


Good Mythical Morning is up for show of the year. Vote now here:



Rhett and Link won the Streamy for Non-Fiction. Congrats!


Vote using the two links below, Good Mythical Morning &  Rhett & Link (these votes are now closed)

GMM: http://bit.ly/1SE8Q0H
R&L: http://bit.ly/1H7Z2bp

Please use both links to submit your votes to help get them show of the year and entertainer of the year.

If they get enough votes to get nominated into the categories, they will reward Mythical Beasts with behind the scenes content and Snapchat posts of the event.

Get voting and get your friends to vote..and their friends ..and so on :)

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To be most effective, we should all be careful to nominate both of the channels for a fan Streamy only in the COMEDY category.  If we split the vote by choosing different categories, which always happens on these things, that's not good.

By the way, GMM is already listed as a STREAMY AWARDS 2014 OFFICIAL NOMINEE, albeit they are listed in the "Science and Education" category? 

Go figure that one out.

The links they provided at least auto fill out the category so hopefully it will help.

The provided link for GMM actually loads in the Non-Fiction category. 

Maybe I goofed?


i voted like four times :)

Glad to help!:)

Voting now closed. Thanks to all the Mythical Beasts that supported Rhett and Link. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Streamy Nonimations:

The Streamy's are tweeting out this years nominations. 




So, now that the FAN NOMINATIONS are over and the top 5 nominees are announced, when and where does the actual VOTING take place?

Winners of the Streamy Awards will be determined by the Streamys Blue Ribbon Panel, a judging body of creators, executives, and other experts in the online video industry.

The nominees for two fan-voted awards – Entertainer of the Year and Show of the Year – will be announced on September 3. Fans can vote for their favorite finalists leading up to and during the live show on September 17.

Good Mythical Morning is up for show of the year. Vote now here:

NOTICE - - - neither the Streamy.org or the similar link at VH1 will allow a vote if you don't have a twitter account.  The "vote" selection tool there allows you to pick a choice, but the vote is only completed if you TWEET the results.

Sorry.  Gumbo don't tweet.

Yeah. For people who do tweet, you can do it up to 100 times a day. Also retweeting from someone else vote counts :)


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