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Wow we really didn't have a place for this yet?

Come on then folks. What's your thoughts on Sketchtober so far?

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We don't have polls sorry but there are really easy ones such as google polls (which we used for the banner voting).

As for the petition. I don't think it's really needed. We know they plan to do more of this kind of thing in the future, perhaps a series or even movie in the works. So future is looking very exciting to be a Mythical Beast

In their Facebook Q&A, Rhett and Link addressed the question of making Sketchtober annual or monthly... the responses suggest the answer is no, although they'll be doing more narrative content in general.

Q: Do you intend to make this month of sketches a yearly thing now?
A: It was more about having an event that people could get excited about, and to let everyone know that we're going to continue to do things beyond GMM. - Rhett

Q: Just wondering if ‪#‎sketchtober‬ will become anything more? Like a new idea for each month or something
A: A big motivation for Sketchtober was to motivate us to then start writing ourselves into larger adventures. So our plan is not to keep publishing one-off sketches in the near-term, but use this month as inspiration for even bigger narrative things!

I'm kinda sad that sketchtober comes to end next week  but im also excited for the possible sketches that may come after it! What are you guys thinking the last sketch will be about??

I envision Link with angel wings and a halo for the last sketch.

They look so spontaneous when acting that these sketches make you genuinely laugh and appreciate their acting skills. I would really love to watch something longer, like a short movie, maybe half an hour, just to see what they can actually do with all that time in their hands; how weird can they get :)

I could almost see them in a Seinfeld-type series ("about nothing" -  everyday life events), but it spirals out of realistic circumstances into the realm of the bizarre every time!

I kept on singing the puzzle song for all of yesterday and today. Sketchtober is the best!

We only have one more to go:( I am so sad to see it go

EXTRA! Rhett & Link posted to Facebook this morning (and probably also Twitter, although I never bother to check) the following:

So... #Sketchtober is over... BUT we've hidden BTS videos in annotations of the sketches. Go rewatch & find them!! https://youtu.be/QzrKODGWMBE

SKETCHTOBER 2015 - - - Meet the Characters:

I hope they do it again next year. DO IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR:)


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