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Wow we really didn't have a place for this yet?

Come on then folks. What's your thoughts on Sketchtober so far?

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Scetchtober is AWESOME!!! XD


I've always loved Rhett and Link's sketches. They manage to take mundane circumstances (such as a job reference call, ordering coffee, discussing eye contact) and gradually blow it up into the absurd...a theme/method that consistently drives their sketches. Given that they started in comedic music, I'm always pleasantly surprised by their comedic acting abilities in these.

So in that vein, I'm loving Sketchtober! So far, I think the latest one, "BFFs," was the most craftily executed of the sketches in terms of the turn it takes toward the end. Two thumbs up! :D

I really enjoy seeing Rhett and Link stretch their scripted acting muscles.  I'm so used to the improv of GMM that it felt weird to me at first, but the sketch this morning especially made me appreciate their acting skills.

Me too! 

I have laughed until I cried many times watching these guys. Today I laughed and then choked up on a totally different level. Rhett was so sincere with his line at the end. I'm impressed!

It's funny, scary, awkward, sad, and "internettaining"!  I LOVE IT!  (I feel like I have to rethink my life after seeing the BFFs one...) :)

Sketchtober is so AWESOME. Every time one skit comes out I show my grandma it. :) I also show her GMM and GMMore. I am trying to get ppl Ik to watch them.

Yea beat me to it. Thank you very much for this :)

Well said, I kind of felt the same about them.

I love Sketchtober! All of Rhett and Link's sketches really show how creative they are and they have sparked many great quotes as well with the best being "Well, hello Spiderman. I didn't know you had a horse" and maybe "Augh! Dude! I didn't know you were national geographicatin' down there! (blooper)". My favourite so far is BFFs but the sketches keep on getting better and better! But I wish that they would have bloopers and BTS videos for the sketches (I know they had bloopers for Campin' and that was very funny!). I can't wait for next week's sketch!

If you go on the Rhett and Link Snapchats channel (not created by Rhett and Link) on YouTube, they have videos of Rhett and Link's snapshot stories and some of them are BTS videos for Sketchtober, GMM episodes, and just some other random weird stories created by them.


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