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Post below and introduce yourself! It's just like when you call in to our Kast: who are ya? where are ya? Plus, add anything else you wanna share. But don't embarrass yourself.

To tell us who you are, set up your profile page! We'd like to see your face and you can use the page to tell us about yourself.

To tell us where you are, head over to The Great American Road Trip group and put a pin in the map! Or, if you're an international kommunity member, raise your hand over at this group.

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I'm Stephanie. I live in Eugene, OR (from Jacksonville, Arkansas originally.) I'm 26 years old and I'm new to the kommunity. I also have a YouTube channel called StarDragon Entertainment which was established 9 years ago. I currently have a video series where I talk about vintage commercials called "As Sold on TV"
I've known about Rhett and Link since their TV show "Commercial Kings" which I used to watch and enjoy.
I'm from Salem, Oregon! I only recently started watching GMM but I feel like I've done quite a bit of catch up, it's so addicting, and you guys are so fun and entertaining; a new episode every day is definitely something I look forward to. I don't know if I'll come on much, but it certainly is a nice way to bring everyone together!

Hey, I'm in Salem too!

Did you go to Sprague at all? I think I remember you from an English class. My name's Adele but you wouldn't remember me; I was really quiet.

Sorry; just surprised to see another Salemite!

Hello, I am Lisa. I live in Diamond City Arkansas.
I have been a regular Rhett & Link fan since Chia Lincoln. It's been a great experience to travel this far with Rhett, Link, and the crew. God Bless and keep keeping it clean. Remember anyone can say something stupid and tasteless, but it takes true talent and creativity to make people laugh and keep coming back with true clean humor.
Love you guys❤

Hello ! I'm Kyla Birkholz ( aka Feenix) . I live in a Reeseville WI. My friends and I call ourselves Nerds and Co and offten do cosplay stuff in our neighboring states . I love games and anime . I can't remember the first episode of GMM I watched but I have never been dissappoited by an episode or this kommunity for that matter. I'm always up for lending an ear if you just want someone to talk too. I hope to meet Rhett and link one day (missed the tour because I was deployed ) and maybe even more fans in my area. Thanks for reading and have a glorious day!

Hi! I'm Hannah. I'm from Talladega, Alabama. I started watching Rhett and Link because my mom wanted me to find some good clean humored people to watch. I don't particularly care what kind of comedy I watch but I'm glad I found these guys. They have made an impact on my life. I'm in band. I play either bass on keyboard or xylophone for marching, trumpet or cymbals (I'm learning cymbals) in the stands for pep tunes, bass on keyboard for jazz, and trumpet or percussion for concert. I love music and it helps me to keep going. I'm a nerd/geek. I love Lord of the rings, Percy jackson, marvel, and DC. I'm still trying to come up with a mythical beast name because I'm new to this, so if anyone has any suggestions I'm open.

Hi! I’m Caitlin, and I’m from Ontario, Canada. I’ve been watching Good Mythical Morning for about three years. I like stained glass, stories, dragons, and reading.

Hi! I'm Raenell (ray-nel) Ochampaugh (ock-em-paw) in Keizer, Oregon. I'm 14 1/2 @ 58... I was born on Leap Day February 29. My husband, Jim (75) and I have had quite the Mythical Summer 2018 bingeing on R&L's laughter inducing ways.
Jim is a woodturner and I am The Leap Day Lady.

I've been spreading Leap Year Day Awareness for 30 years now! In 1988 I started a birthday club that ended up online by 1997. In that 21 years online we've attained over 11,000 members all over the world. Our website provides fun cool information about Leap Year, Leap Day and Leap Year Day babies.

Are there any other Leapified Mythical Beasts out there??

I Leap, therefore I am,
Raenell Dawn, a Leapified Mythical Beast
The Leap Day Lady

WELKOMM PERPETUAL TEENAGER!  must be nice to not have to deal with aging issues.

You should also join this group:


Hello!! My name is Heather (PokeyJoe)!! I live in Southeast Nebraska...yes, I know, corn and cows everywhere! I'm the proud mother of two (they also love Rhett and LInk!), and wife of the best mechanic I know! (he too fancies GMM at least what I've insisted he watches :) ) I "fell in love" with Rhett and Link a few years ago. I cant remember exactly how I stumbled upon them, but I'm confident it was a "Will It" video...from then on I was hooked!! I have been digging my way through the archives of Rhett and Link and GMM watching every video in my efforts to call myself a true, and devoted fan! I am new to the Kommunity, but am looking forward to all it has to offer!!

Thanks and Love,


Hey, I'm from Nebraska too!
Ok, hi there, besides being from Nebraska... I'm a huge sci fi fan. My hobbies include reading, watching movies, gardening, computer games, Dungeons and dragons, making jewelry, attending science fiction conventions, and of course YouTube viewing. Plus I have a four year old granddaughter who watches GMM with me.


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