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Hi, beasts!

I was wondering, is there a compilation of all of Rhett's crazy ideas that he has had on GMM? Ones he would tell to Link that they should do. I don't know why, but I feel like a list needs to be made for all his ideas. Because maybe one day, they will do them, or make more "Back-Up Plan" episodes (season 8) based from the ideas.

*edit: I'll go ahead and start the list, in case there isn't one made yet: (I'll try to keep them in chronological order as I go along watching the episodes) 

*edited 2nd time: edited discussion title name to add Link, and narrow it down to business (products, selling, service, marketing, etc) ideas only. And only ones where they both agree on the idea, even if they're joking. I'm also going to go ahead and include Link's ideas as well. I'm sure he has some as well, and it wouldn't be fair to not include him! Go, beasts! 

  1. GMM 55: Rhett: "Link and Rhett" YouTube channel where Link talks in a Dick Tracy gangster meets modern day gangster voice
  2. GMM 75: Rhett: "Bench cam" channel, ESPN4
  3. GMM 76: Rhett: “Brain Freeze Stopper, Link helps rename it (in progress) “Brain Freeze Retainer,” “Brain Freeze Guard”
  4. GMM 99: Rhett: "Spaghetti Fingers", Link "Butter Hands", restaurants and sketch characters
  5. GMM 111: Rhett: a restaurant called "Shenanigans
  6. GMM 116: Rhett, Link adds to it: one normal guy in Bangladesh to keep tabs on how weird they've gotten over time
  7. GMM 155: Link: waterpark. Rhett: name and reality show. : "Sugar Bear and Gummy Bear's WaterPark
  8. GMM 200: Rhett: “The Body Beard” (submitted by Oliwia (Colbear))
  9. GMM 221: Both: Rhett first, Link added the : “2 Guys 2 Weights” Workout DVD “Harness the Awkwardness” (submitted by Oliwia (Colbear))
  10. GMM 237: Link, for the name. "The Evening Card." Rhett, sell "segment of Valentine's industry."
  11. GMM 250: Rhett: the "Beep, Honk, Blow Horn
  12. GMM 266: Link:"Night Link and Night Rhett", Rhett: comic book 
  13. GMM 282: Rhett: "How-to-Choose-a-Restaurant Smell Emitter"
  14. GMM 285: Link: "HandyHose"  
  15. GMM 287: Both: “The Snooze Fuze”, snoozefuze.com
  16. GMM 295: Both: a documentary called, “Sue Your Pants Off"
  17. GMM 303: Rhett: an ice cream cake that you can leave outside that doesn’t melt! Link calls it, “Meltless Ice Cream
  18. GMMore 304: Rhett: "Face Replace", Link: "Face Replace Evil Monologue", Rhett: ".com", "facereplace.com."
  19. GMM 323: Rhett: "Rhett & Link's Dairy Farm" (submitted by (Millie the Magical Mangatyde)
  20. GMM 330: Rhett for the name, Link helps develop it more: "Double Trouble Shooters", many other names of their brand, tag-team duo that does trouble shooting for local news station
  21. GMM 341: Both: a cologne called “Petrichor” or “Smell of a Rain” 
  22. GMM 342: Both: a shirt that has deodorant in it, called “Deo-Holster Shirt 
  23. GMMore 348: Rhett: Human guitar people
  24. GMM 354: Rhett: Battery-operated Gift Cards
  25. GMM 360: Link: Butter-Churned Shoes (submitted by Grace (Pheasphant)) **THESE WERE ACTUALLY MADE IN GMM 649!**
  26. GMM 364: Rhett: they become homeschool teachers called “The Backwards Boys” and TheBusinessManandtheBoy.com (submitted by Millie the Magical Mangatee)
  27. GMM 407: Both: "Death Land" or "Death World" or "Happy Land" amusement park
  28. GMM 410: Rhett (idea), Link helped with name: (The) "Sleep Sleeve
  29. GMM 416: Rhett: "Pizza Plank Bar & Grill" restaurant
  30. GMMore 417: Both: "The Rhett and Link Cruise"
  31. GMM 420: Link: "Prom Much?" T-shirt to ask people to prom, costs $18.50. (submitted by Grace (Pheasphant))
  32. GMM 421: Rhett: opening a restaurant called "MREs Please"
  33. GMMore 427: Both: Link, name: "Rhett and Link: Professional Prom Chaperone Celebrities"
  34. GMMore 432: Rhett: "Art raps.com"
  35. GMM 445: Both: an app called "croaker"
  36. GMM 450: Rhett: a mannequin of him so kids can do "Jumping Rhetts," a wheel for "The Wheel Spin" (50/50). Link: glasses for "The Glasses Push-up," chairs for "The Good Mythical Squat" (submitted by Grace (Pheasphant))
  37. GMMore 484: Rhett: Link stars in a commercial for a cold sore lip treatment (both discuss many names, main ones: (R) “Lipaclear,” “Lipishere,” & (L) “Uncrustadol”)  
  38. GMM 491: Rhett: they could become "Ashmen" 
  39. GMM 533: Link: "Crispee Towne" (submitted by Millie the Magical Mangatee)  
  40. GMM 535: Rhett: "a sitcom about John Adams & Thomas Jefferson, called “Enemies” and then 10 years into the seasons, it becomes 'Friends: Part 2'"
  41. GMM 543: Link: "Spray bQ" cologne
  42. GMMore 543: Rhett, cologne, Link, name: "I be grillin'". Link: "Manburger", "Brisket Boy", Rhett: "Slab" 
  43. GMMore 566: Rhett: a club called “The Vegus Nerve”
  44. GMMore 621: Link: a reality show called, "Widow's Peak(submitted by Oliwia (Colbear))
  45. GMM 630: Both: sequel to “2 Guys 2 Weights”: “Two Guys Gain Weight
  46. GMMore 647: Rhett: "The No Scare Toaster
  47. GMMore 684: Link: video course called, "Boxing and Laughing." Both discuss other names & details. 
  48. GMMore 693: Rhett: 2 spear-proof suits with drones around, head cameras, Go-Pro cameras on them, motors on their feet, a documentary called "The Men Who Visited the North Sentinel Island." Link: a megaphone attached to their masks and bucket hats. Rhett: different colored bucket hats
  49. GMM & GMMore 744: Rhett: a service that previews different hair styles with peanut butter, a street act in Barcelona with Bill Newman playing songs, involving a treasure map & fake glasses (submitted by Grace (Pheasphant)
  50. GMM 836: Both: Rhett & Link’s Target Cakes/Targeted Urinal Cakes
  51. GMM 846: Link first, then they both add to it: a restaurant called, "Come Take a Dumpling" "(on us!)"
  52. GMMore 858: Rhett: “Beds Benedict” bed
  53. GMM 863: Rhett: really thick rubber underwear for Croatians (submitted by Grace (Pheasphant))
  54. GMM 901: Rhett: "State Nuggies" (sp?), Link: "Geogranuggets"  
  55. GMMore 949: Link: "Operation with Steaks" game. Both develop details. Rhett, "Bring your own meats", "Operation with Real Steaks"
  56. GMMore 1003: Rhett, Link & Drew: "I Dream for the Fossil" book, documentary, feature film, cartoon, action figures
  57. GMMore 1029: Rhett: "Two Dolphins and a Net" children's book
  58. GMM 1113: Rhett: "Ranch Lasagna Jello" or "Jello Lasagna Ranch" food dish
  59. GMMore 1138 (GMS GMMore 2): Rhett: "Rhett & Link's Crushed Chips: Various Brands"
  60. GMMore 1249: Rhett: "All the Neals Know" documentary. Other titles: "Talking Like Us", "How We Talk". Link: "Learn To Talk Like Us", "Read This and We'll Learn You How To Talk"

Added Feb 3 2016: This list is more so the "ideas" they have for things, rather than actual made products that are/were featured on any of their shows. Thanks!

*June 6 2016: If I had their ideas listed here when I first made the list, I will note if they were actually made on the show! Example GMM 360 - GMM 649 (see in list above). 

Added Feb 6 2016:


  1. SuperNote Team Scrimmage + The Economy: Rhett: "Citrus Mask", Link: CitrusMask.com
  2. Pt 2 Red House and Rudy Show: "The Rhett and Link Cologne Barbecue Sauce"
  3. Bent Objects Kast Pt 1: Rhett: "The Barbecue Pop-Up Book". Rhett: Pop-Up book with barbecue sauce in the spine, Link: barbecue cologne pop-up book
  4. The B.E.A.S.T. Kast: Both: "RhettandLinkubator"
  5. The Last Road Trip Video: Day 6:  "The Rhett and Link Barbecue Cologne SauceIFC article that also briefly mentions it
  6. Ear Biscuit Promo Video: "Inverting Your Face": Rhett: "Ear Biscuits" headphones
  7. Ear Biscuit Promo Video: "We're Quitting YouTube": Link: a hair salon where they both style the same person's hair at the same time. Rhett adds that it's also a restaurant that only serves smoothies, called "Cut and Eat" or “Flavor, Pipe, n Style”. Link: “Suck N Style” (I assumed this spelling since it's common for business names, not sure how they would spell it.) 
  8. Ear Biscuit "How Do Millennials Date?" ft. Lizzie & Sagaar [Video: https://youtu.be/oBu1DVRBb_Y?t=33m28s, Audio: iTunes, Soundcloud]: Dating via Group Chat texts on a phone, set up like The Bachelor TV show. No name.

Added Jan 15, 2018: 

Added #60 to the list. I've been rather busy in life so if this list isn't completely updated in a while, I apologize. Thanks for your patience. Still, feel free to add more in the comments below! 

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I think this is a great idea! I'll stay on the lookout for Rhett's ideas, and I'll report back if I find any! ;)

Great! Thanks, friend! 

The first thing that came to my mind when I read your post was the Body Beard. It's from gmm  #200.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bS1jdWHezA I fell like I remember another one but can't figure out what it was.

I haven't seen this one! Awesome! Thanks! (love how they both reacted to it together!) 

I know for a fact that Rhett had another idea. I'll try finding it. 

P.S. It was a good idea to make this list!

Awesome! And thanks, I thought it would be fun! 

Basically Link's idea but you could say both: Butter Churner Shoes (shoes that churn milk into butter that have to be 2 sizes too big) - Weird Ways to Stay Warm (GMM 360) 

Note - This actually became a shoe in Will It Shoe?

Nice one! Thanks!! 

"Rhett and Link React to Kids React to Rhett and Link"


Rhett comes up with a class on teaching kids to sing backwards, and they would be called The Backwards Boys  and mentions it a few times throughout the video.

He later decides to teach a class in "Agertising."

I'll keep looking.  Are we only using Rhett's ideas or are we including Link's?

Excellent find! Both boys! (I updated the post soon after to include Link's ideas as well! He's probably had a few, didn't want to leave him out!) And the young boy came up with the "Agertising" thing. 

This probably doesn't count but on today's episode (23/11/15), there was the turkey igloo thingy made up by Link.

Hm. I didn't hear it in the episode. Where at? 


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