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I noticed that R&L's guest appearance playlist on their channel hasn't been updated in a while. I decided I'd try to find some of their guest appearances/interviews/commercials that aren't on their own channels and put them into a Youtube playlist. I found a bunch, but I'm sure there's still a ton out there. I also added a couple of tribute videos, but I'd like to keep these to a minimum unless they are very good.

It came to me that this would be a great KBE. If you know of any videos that aren't on the list, post them here! I'll add them to the list. This can serve as a Kommunity directory of their guest appearances.  Happy (video) hunting!

The playlist: Rhett & Link Guest Appearances

*Note: The playlist is not very well organized right now. It's not chronological by any means. It's grouped together more by what channel they were on.

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Wow, that playlist is amazing! There are quite a few I hadn't seen before. I would especially love to know the story behind the Nasal Spray video.

I don't think I have any that you've missed, but I'll be sure to post here if I stumble on anything new.

This is a great idea! You already seem to have a very formidable start.

Yay! Thanks! I'll add it right now. ^_^ Oh, I need to add the behind the scenes of rewind 2013, too.

Oh goodness. 2013's rewind was insane. Those giant teddy bear costumes xD So stylish and classy.

Thanks for making that playlist, it's awesome :D

When you have an extra day or two to spare, you could add all of the IFC Commercial Kings cuts from that channel  - - I think there are about 50 or so at the link below - - most are short "behind the scenes" and commercial clips that don't appear on the R&L channels.



Ooooo! Thanks, Gumbo! I'll go through and add them tomorrow. :-)

Woot! We're up to 123 videos. Thanks for the help guys!

Sundance posted videos of their panels from the 2014 festival:

How & Why to Use YouTube

Talent Discovery on YouTube


Thank you! They have been added. ^_^ 

We are now up to 132 videos!

Karyn just posted these three rather strange videos to her tumblr

We Are Five People

Did You Hear That

Harmony in my Shed


......umm...... Haha, those were weird! The harmony lesson was pretty fascinating. Thanks Caitrin (and Karyn)! Our list is now at 160! :-D


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