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All right, here it is. Would you rather:


Be either Rhett or Link for one day. Not just "trade places," you would BE one them.




Meet both Rhett and Link out in public one day and have them invite you to lunch.


Which one?

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I think I'd choose to be Rhett. Then I could hang out with Link and feel what it's like to be super tall and have an awesome beard for a day.
I'd rather meet them lol
i would meet them
Meet, because I would have no idea what to do if I was one of them =S


meet them!!! although i have met them, they didn't ask me to lunch.... actually it was quite late... at the L.A. mythical meetup....

I've been wishing to meet them for a while now! It'd be really awesome to Shoot a HD music video with them, oh and maybe score some free Mythical shoes. 

I would be Rhett, to experience tallness for a day, and because I have already met them twice...

Meet them. Never have, and friendship and a good lunch last much longer than a day.

i would be link he is invenetive

So when you say "be" them, I'm guessing I would actually look/act/eat like them, and everyone would to refer to me as them. Because it would be super awkward to wake up one day and still look like me but be referred to as either Rhett or Link; definitely awkward..............So if the option is the former I would like to meet them, but if the option is the latter I would ONLY meet them.


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