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I bet we all have pretty much the same basic reasons why we love Rhett and Link (ie. their clean humor, crazy long friendship, etc). BUT, I think each of us may have  our own small, random reasons for liking them too. 

Mine are pretty random (and probably crazy). I like:

1. how they are slightly younger than my brother. (I dunno... I guess it makes me feel like I can relate to them more.)

2. how, as southerners, they are careful to use proper grammar. Let's face it, southerners get a bad rap when it comes to their communication skills.

3. Rhett being 6'7". I'm pretty short (5'), so I find tall people fascinating anyway. Someone who's technically a giant is automatically cool in my book. ;-)

4. how sometimes their accents come back a little without them noticing or meaning it to. (I notice it a lot when Rhett yells or when Link is surprised.)


So, yeah, those were some of my reasons. :-) What about you guys?

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I was thinking about your #4 just the other day. I re-noticed it in a recent Good Mythical More (I think it was when Link was describing his confrontation with the "expert beginner" mountain biker). It seems like when they're consciously presenting something, they are less accented, but whenever they are just talking naturally, it slips back in. It's funny to watch some of the old Kasts and realize how much less pronounced it's become over the years, without us really noticing that much.

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In regards to #3 -- I'm also 5', and sometimes I think about how ridiculous I would look standing beside Rhett and Link in a photo. If I ever meet them, I will insist that they not crouch down when taking a photo with me, just for the effect. (The photographer will have to stand very far back to get everyone.)

Haha! That's exactly how I want my picture taken with them too! It would be too much fun to pass up. :-)

1) The fact that they're just like MY best friend and I. for these reasons:

a) We became BFFs in 1st grade, and we got punished by the teacher together too.
b) She's way taller than me
c) She's got dirty blonde hair, while mine is black and wavier.
d) I need glasses:3
e) We both LOVE and watch R&L together.
f) We have similar likings in food as they do,  for example, I hate TOMATOES just like Link ! :D
g) We stayed together in school for the most time, but unfortunately she had to go back to Ireland last year. Rhett and Link actually helped me cope with the pain for a bit, as much as they remind me of her
h) we are planning on working together, specially in performances that include acting and creating things. 

2) My uncle is from NC , and he is identical to Rhett, just way older. I secretly hope I'm related to him :3

3) I have a total crush on LINK :0
4) They cheer me up  all the time. 
5) They're the kind of people that make me wanna go and dance somewhere. They're funny, exciting AND very smart. I want to keep creating art and singing and being myself around people when I watch them ;3
6) The KOMM. I love sharing my love with these two guys with people that I tend to relate with. I have the hope to get recognized by them one day :D (through a comment or whatever)
7) The fact that they've been friends for so long and have so much to tell. It really keeps me happy about MY best friend, in hope we wont be separated too long and really stay friends for life. 

Woo! that was long :) theres probably a million reasons more, but I just wanted to express how these guys REALLY make me happy:) In a good mood now, after thinking about this ;3

its not very random but definitely rhetts facial hair, including eyebrows. Not a lot of people are team hair up . there are certain advantages to having a beard. we have even had a whole episode dedicated to shaving it off.

I love when rhett will just start posing for the camera- then after like 30 seconds just jump right back into the convo
I love:
• Link's awesome faces and voices.
• Rhett's beard
• The fact that they were friends for so long


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