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We got Good Mythical Morning to the finals!
You can vote constantly: http://www.radiotimes.com/onlineshowchampion

Round 6 - Finals! 

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Well.. This is NOT good

Dagummit! We're losing by 1%!

I don't get how they pulled ahead again so soon
We still can! I'm on my way back from university so I'll do lots on 3 devices. Let's follow a strategy:
1) Get all your devices. Keep pressing vote non stop! I'll have my phone, laptop, tablet and mum's phone. I'll try my old phone too.
2) ONCE the episode and the more post, we must comment with the link and that we need non stop votings till 4 pm.

That way we'll do it! The difference is not that big!

Now it's a 2% difference and we're losing. We must do this! How many more hours are left?

7 hours
If every device makes like 500 votes we can do this! We got this. Do your mythical best, mythical beasts

mythical beasts!! Only 2 hours left and we are currently 48%. Come on guys tell your friends 

AHH, I am trying so hard not to get discouraged..let's make an epic comeback!

I was discouraged but you gave me hope! 45 minutes and 10000 I think!

Using my laptop, the main computer, the mother's netbook, and my phone, not long left! 

We tried and we did good. It was a tough battle since so much of the fanbase crossed over in that last round. It was a great bonding experience for some. I wish we would have been a little more excited about the Streamys. There was little more involvement in that than just hitting a vote button over and over again. I am sure nothing we did was over looked. I am proud we got them to the last round anyway. I have now had time to shower, clean the house, bake my boys some cookies and check emails. Evidently I have a job interview today! Almost missed than one! Back to normal til next time.


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