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We got Good Mythical Morning to the finals!
You can vote constantly: http://www.radiotimes.com/onlineshowchampion

Round 6 - Finals! 

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Ahhh we're at 50/50!

It's now 40 to 60 (we're winning!)



Sorry, can't access anything with live stream music or video from the office due to firewall restrictions. 

Unable to vote, unless it stays open until late night.

When does the voting on this end?

For round 3, tomorrow at 4pm GMT. If anything like today, round 4 will start soon after.

ahhhhh . . . reminds me of the good old days . . .


October 29, 2010

If you weren't there, it's hard to explain.

That was quite a thrilling read.

Yogscast are pulling back. Come on beasts!

Been voting a bunch! :D

Round 3 
With an hour to go, this is the competition's votes for the next round:

GMM:86630 votes (55%)   (Go Mythical Beasts! What a number!)

danisnotonfire: 3997 votes(94%)

Hones Trailers: 1186 votes (61%)

ItsWayPastMyBedTime: votes 1960 (68%)

Tom Fletcher: 5431 votes (55%)

AmazingPhil: 14450 votes (57%)
MyHarto: 15329 votes (63%)

Vlogbrothers: 920 votes (56%)

Round 4 has started! GMM vs. danisnotonfire. We're only a couple rounds away from the finals, so keep it up, beasts!! :)


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