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Hey guys. =]
I was looking at the films section, reading the description of One Man's Trash, and I really want to see it! Is there any way we Mythical Beasts could watch the short film? :D

I apologize if this has been asked before! ^^"

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Well, Lauren, your wish is about to come true. We just decided that we're gonna release One Man's Trash on Youtube this coming Monday. It's Christmas themed, so it'll be a good fit. It's our first ever effort at making a cohesive story, and it's from 2005, so it has some embarassing elements, but we think you guys will appreciate it.
Yaayy!! I'm so excited, now I can't wait for Monday! >wbr /> Thank you SO much!! ^^
Oooooh! That IS exciting! Awesome! Thanks, guys.
Youtube? how long is it? that really sounds great!
Sweet! Thanks for asking this Lauren! I've been wanting to see this for myself!
Yay!!! I was thinking about this a few days ago, wondering if it would ever be released. I can't wait to see it!!!

For the sake of completion, here's our new post with One Man's Trash:
I'm dreaming of one of those Santa's on our step now.... I want one!!!


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