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So, today I was being a thoughtful guy(er, girl) and I was thinking about how awesome the komm is. I mean, NOBODY else has a fansite like this, where people make things, discuss things, talk to other fans. I guess it's just cuz Rhett and Link are so hilairious, that it's inspiring. Just look at everything we've done on the kommunity. We have made hundreds of fan pictures (and random R&L inspired knick-knacks) last winter we made a full-length MOVIE, this summer we got together for MythiCon... there's just so much amazingness.Rhett and Link may not have as many fans as Pewdiepie, or Tobuscus, but I think they definitely have the awesomest fans. So, yeah. Thank you Rhett and Link for being so freakin inspiring:)

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I wholeheartedly agree. I'm fairly new to this kommunity but I've never seen anything quite like it before. It's so fun to see how creative people here are, and it's almost more inspiring than just being inspired by Rhett and Link themselves. Sure, they can tell us that they want to see pictures of their new crazy idea or for us to make an entry for a contest, but when I actually see those things it makes me want to do something too. I think that of all the songs and shows and sketches and commercials and other various crazy things that Rhett and Link have created, the most awesome one may just be this kommunity... well, after their kids, that is. :)

I agree! It is such a nice place, created by nice people and filled with even more nice people.

Most definitely! I've been a rhett and link fan for quite a few years now, and when i became a member of the komm about 2 years ago, I was amazed by how awesome their fans are! Many of us are completely devoted to their kommunity and strive to always be our "mythical best"! Like you were saying, i too have yet to find another YouTuber whose fans are as great as R&L's!
Not to brag, but we are pretty awesome ;P
another unique thing about the rhett and link kommunity is how involved the guys themselves are with interacting with their fans!
We are pretty awesome. I mean what have the other fans of YouTubers done compared to us? Like K-La V. said, we did a lot together. Us mythical beasts always do our mythical bests! That should be the Komm slogan x)

Yes this komm is sort of my little happy escape. I have met so many cool people and from all over the world too. 

The Kommunity is certainly more interactive than anything I've seen. It's a real-deal social media site, rather than just a discussion forum as you might find in a typical fan site.

I was actually a fairly active member of KevJumba's fan forum far prior to joining the Kommunity, and it was nothing near as fan-driven as the Komm. Members on Kev's site were obsessed with putting up messages just to increase their post count, the forum was completely overridden by spam bots, and only about 3-4 people were regularly active while I was a member. KevJumba also never came onto the site, even just to check how things were going.

I actually forgot I'd ever been a member of KevJumba's fan forum until I saw this thread just now...clearly it wasn't that impressive.

Yeah, I know how that feels.. I actually posted this discussion after joining the jacksgap community, thinking that it would be like the komm.... boy was I wrong.


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