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As you may know. Rhett and Link have given us access to episodes a day early for thirty days free on vessel.com/rhettandlink. Today, however, I woke up extremely excited to see Good Mythical Morning Season 9 episode 1 a day early on Vessel even though I was two hours late. I went onto Vessel, and...no episode. So many comments had been written on Will It Eggnog saying stuff like: "Where is it!? I woke up super early and I have a headache! Where's the video! DON'T DEPRIVE US OF OUR RIGHTS!!!!!!" And "VESSEL, YOU HAD ONE JOB. EPISODES A DAY EARLY."
Now I know it's been a long break for the guys, and so I'm not very surprised that they may have forgotten. However, now it's been three hours (almost four hours) since the episode should've been released, and I'm wondering what's taking so long. Could someone tell me?

Be your mythical best,
Faith (Sheepzon)

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Well, it is the start of a new season so they may want to make it a surprise and they're probably worried about people screenshoting Link's new hair (even though it's been leaked) and the new intro. It's understandable I guess

I was a little disappointed as well. I live in Australia and they are released at 10pm here so I had been looking forward to it all day and then it was never uploaded. Vessel have been late on episodes before so hopefully it isn't anything to extreme and I wouldn't read too much into it. I have found them pretty slack, sometimes they will forget either a GMM or a GMMore and I feel bad watching one without the other so I wait for both. If they were doing something extreme like pulling their videos from vessel I'm sure their channels wouldn't be still active. Im sure they have just made a mistake. They have plenty of time to get the videos up before they are released to the public. Every time something like this happens they at least make sure the videos are released ahead of the public, even if it isn't at the scheduled time.

They said on Twitter this -

"Vessel will no longer be hosting GMM 24 hours in advance on their platform, but you can still find us on YouTube!"

I think maybe they want to have all the mythical beasts watch the first episode of season nine at the same time

As Grace mentioned, it seems that Rhett and Link are parting ways with Vessel. The official Twitter account stated that GMMs will no longer be uploaded 24 hours in advance on Vessel, and they also made some direct tweets that apologized for the lack of timely notice to Mythical Beasts.

They didn't say if they also plan to stop releasing main channel content on Vessel, but my personal guess is that if R&L are ending GMM releases on Vessel, they're ending all releases there.

Do you know if there's any other news or speculation about what's happening with Vessel? They haven't been uploading the episodes to Vessel regularly, it's been sporadic. Do you think there's some way we can get them to update us about what's going on with it, just so we can be informed?

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Comment by Victoria (Centauromadoose) on January 26, 2016 at 10:17pm

It was announced on January 10, via the Rhett and Link twitter account, that Rhett and Link are no longer participating in Vessel. This means their GMM content will no longer be uploaded 24 hours in advance; the assumption is that any main channel content will also no longer be uploaded in advance to Vessel.


Yup, that's more or less what I also said in the comment above.

@Heather -- I haven't seen any more news or comment on Rhett and Link's involvement with Vessel. I don't have an account/subscription to it, myself, so I didn't even realize they're still uploading videos there, sporadically or not...

@Gumbo -- Do you think this is something Becca would know about to ask her?


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