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What if there was a Mythical Meetup in each state on the same day, just to meet other Beasts from your state? Obviously Rhett and Link could not go to them all, but if we decided on a place and time to meet, maybe Rhett and Link could announce it in a video so everyone would know. The meetup would have to take place in the middle of the state, and some of the teeny tiny states could probably just have one meetup for a few states. I don't know about other countries, maybe they could have meetups too.

MythiCon will be held in the U.S. on the third Saturday in August, which is the 17th.

. If you would like to suggest a location, just leave a comment, and you can check out all the official locations so far on the map that Gumbo made: http://batchgeo.com/map/6d47d99bc13fb7cdee0d62839da5181c


UPDATE: MythiCon will officially start at 1 p.m. Also, I need one person from each state to be a "state captain" of sorts. They would do two things:

-One, bring a sign so that any beasts could see it and know where to go;
-Keep the conversation running, making sure that everyone gets to meet each other;
-And bring a medium sized box. Everyone else can bring a little something for the mail boulder (really little, maybe 2" high?) Then the state leader would mail it to Rhett and Link. The leader doesn't have to be the person who suggested the location, although if that person wanted to they would have dibs on the position.

I hope all of you will attend MythiCon 2013 :D

My MythiCon poster

This discussion is now closed, more info will be coming for MythiCon 2014 soon:) Toodles!

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I hope that you guys had a good time, my meetup didn't go so well... Six quiet people(that's excluding me), doesn't make for a very lively time.  Still, it makes me happy that something that I did allowed other beasts to meet the best internetainers ever:)

YES YES YES! Thank you so much! If it wasnt for you, non of us could have ever had this amazing experience!! <3

MythiCon was all thanks to you!! I'm forever grateful!!
It was a great time of making new friends and talking about the one thing we ALL have in common (a love for two amazing internetainers!)
k-la u r quiet... and i was talking
:P I talked to the peoples, and you weren't exactly a bursting bottle of bubliness.... (triple B)

Yes! Thank you K-La! When my mom asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday I told her, "Go to Mythicon!" Because of you I had my best (and most mythical) birthday ever! And I met a lot of awesome Mythical Beasts as well and did a lot of fun stuff with them. It was a blast! THANK YOU!!!

You are muchly welcome, and happy belated birthday:)

Come near asheville, nc!!!!!

Oh I am so jealous!   Wish I was there.  We had 7 here in MN.   We made our GMM greeting.  Where should I load it to?  We had a good time talking about how we found Rhett and Link and our favorite videos and music.  We played some of the music and sang along.   You should've seen the  looks on the people's faces when we made our video.....Love you guys Rhett and Link. 

Especially mine. Trying to contain that laugh was HARD! XD Anyways, it was fun to meet you.

Rhett and Link, thanks so much for coming to Mythicon LA 2013. I'm sure half of us almost fainted when you walked in.

I know i said i was The Silent Tiger, I must not of realised i am Midnight Pi (oops) i must've changed it.

Hey. I nearly DIED just seeing them walk in. XD


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